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Bey Has Everyone Ready to Quit Their Jobs

Beyonce dropped a new song called "Break My Soul" and in it, she sings about building a new foundation, quitting a job, and finding salvation.

And of course, the most popular part of the song that most are speaking about on social media is the part about quitting that 9-5 job. And based on the comments that I've read, some will prematurely do it without a plan.

I love Bey, but I don't think she meant to quit without a plan.

When my clients are ready to quit their jobs, I teach them how to create an effective 9-5 exit strategy. The plan is to leave with no regrets and with the option to never go back.

So if you are ready to quit your day job to focus on building a life that you don't have to escape from, then the "From Employee to CEO" ebook is just what you need.

"You can get fired from your job, but you can't get fired from your gift. So find your gift and you will always have work."

Happy escaping!

Written by: Lee Kenielle Whetstone, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Purpose Coach, and Brand Strategist

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