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How to be a Rock Star Administrative/Executive Assistant

In today’s world competition is everywhere and it is very important to stand out wherever you are. For assistants, you should aim to stand out amongst your colleagues for a better chance to be recognized by your boss. And due to COVID-19, most admins are now getting into virtual assistance. Anything can happen at any point. Businesses shut down and layoffs are common in the corporate world. Below is a list of qualities that require no experience that can make you indispensable. Show people that you are needed no matter the circumstance.

1. Be on time.

2. Be a person with good work ethic; have a willingness to work hard and out work everyone

3. Master emotional intelligence (EQ). This can help you to pick up on unspoken issues, problems, or negative feelings that other people might have.

4. It's important to demonstrate good energy at work.

5. Being coachable helps you develop new skills and learn new things that you can apply in the workplace.

6. Being prepared and resilient can give a competitive advantage to any business.

7. Take on additional work responsibilities.

8. Make customer satisfaction a priority.

9. Solve problems before the boss gets wind of it.

10. Develop great listening skills.

10. Take accountability for your actions.

11. Don't take anything personal.

12. Be proactive.

13. Think ahead.

Rock Star Assistants Develop Great Problem-Solving Skills

Developing great problem solving skills is a plus. This shows that you can handle all that is given to you, and in some cases what is thrown to you. When trying to solve a problem make sure to get to the root of things. Dig a little deeper than what is presented on the surface. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Once the root of the problem is identified, a solution can be put into place.

Rock Star Assistants Are Also Intraprenuers

Rock Star Assistants are people who are passionate about their careers although they work for someone else. They are innovative, take their jobs seriously and enjoy what they do. If something effects the company, the assistant takes it personally and discover ways to fix the problem. They work over 40 hours a week by putting in extra hours. They think of creative ways to enhance the company’s performance, and as a result these are the type of people to receive promotions within their jobs. If you do not feel this way about the current job you are in, find your passion and apply for a position where you can utilize your gifts.  Not everyone wants to own their own company, but no one said that you cannot be a boss or leader because of that.

Written by: Lee Whetstone and Genya Evans

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