These Two Sisters Spread Positivity Through Gift Giving. Find Out How

Diverse Gift Shop was established in 2018 by two sisters ready to make a bold statement through their products. As a new retail store, Diverse Gift Shop has already made strives to stand out. Tykeah and Tamara's brand epitomizes diversity through their products; as each item is bold and unique in its on way. "Gifts make you feel special and we love that!"  Their goal is to create products not only to make you feel good about being yourself but to feel like someone was thinking of you specifically.

Q. What was the inspiration behind starting your business?

The lack of positivity we were seeing in the media (including social media), we felt like this was a great way to spread positivity. Especially in a world that can seem so divided and cold. Diverse Gift Shop is a way for us to make a statement.

Q.How did you get started? What steps did you take to launch your business?

​First, we did a lot of research. We knew what we wanted our brand to stand for, but we had to do a lot of research to decide how we would effectively execute our ideas. We design each mug ourselves, so once we created the designs, we sent them to our manufacturer. We then completed our website and started to promote our brand via social media.