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Brooklyn Photographer Teaches Her Clients How to Build Successful Brands Through Her Visual Coaching Program


Chante Ramsey, lead photographer of VySyn Photography, is a passionate, self taught portraits and fashion photographer. Since 2005, Chante has captured faces, places and extracting the beauty from within as well as the essence of each moment through her lens. “I believe that I can capture this because I also love people”, she explains. The combination of years learning the technical elements of photography and understanding people has been the cornerstone of VySyn Photography. Through her camera, she can see the beauty of each individual and with each photo she succeeds in letting the world see that too. Currently, Chante has expanded the VySyn Photography brand to serve her clients through the Elevating Your Brand Visual Coaching. This program focuses on working with artists and entrepreneurs to create visuals that align with their brand. The coaching program’s services include photo portfolio review, virtual style sessions, photo shoot and more.

Q. What inspired you to become a photographer?

When I began, It was my source of strength and therapy as I struggled without my mother by my side to this very day. Photography is/was my voice to express my emotions.


Q. What is your process for capturing beauty through photography? 

I listen to my intuition through meditation and jot down random ideas that come to mind to then create a concept. When I’m working with clients, I would draw on those concepts to adapt to what their needs are or to execute as a special visual project.


Q. How did photography assist you through your grieving process? 

It allowed me to literally see the joy in my life and not dwell too much on my loss because my mother would not have wanted that. She was my thought partner so to not have her I had to learn how to trust my creative voice even more to get me through.

Q. What is your vision behind the SHE Project?

The SHE Project was birthed as a one time tribute to my mother’s memory of strong and resilient women with stories to tell. As I connected with more amazing women, I believed the my project needed to continue. I’m always seeking to visually capture and share stories of women that are nurturers and passionate vessels on their path to living their life’s purpose.


Q. How is the SHE Project impacting lives? 

There’s something that happens organically when women come together to share their personal stories and realize that their story will change someone else’s life. The lives of the women that have been featured have changed tremendously and I think that the SHE Project had a hand in that transformation from refocusing their business to impact the lives of youth to sharing their music with the world when people tell you that it’s “too late”.

Q. Did COVID-19 affect your business? If so, how? 

Initially, it was traumatizing because there was so much uncertainty during the outbreak and I fell into somewhat of a depression that caused a creative block. Once I embraced my emotions and touched based with other artists who were experiencing similar artistic challenges, it helped me to rise about it and feel empowered to share my thoughts through my isolation self portraits series. Right now, I’m using this time to take a step back to re-evaluate where my business is headed. For instance, I am fine tuning my coaching program and figuring out creative ways to engage my clients on social media.


Q.Can you tell us about your new virtual coaching program "Elevating Your Brand"? And who is it for? 

The program is for all entrepreneurs that need to reboot their business model. What I do is allow the client to walk me through their story - who they are and why did start their business. And I then use my expertise to build up (or rebuild) their visual footprint. The coaching program is a visual audit of their brand through an intensive week to week series of webinars then we close out with a styled photo shoot.


Q. How is your brand impacting change within communities of color? 

I believe that my brand is synonymous with who I am as a supporter to businesses of color since as long I can remember. If I see that your brand will help someone, I will connect you with my network and help promote your business. Similarly, as an artist-entrepreneur, I seek out businesses that are led by leadership that has their heart tied to their community to work with as viable clients.

Q. What is your life like behind the camera lens? 

My family is so important to me and quality time with them is my way of staying grounded plus I love a good laugh to keep me from focusing on the negativity in this world. Aside from my family, traveling to all parts of the world to embrace cultures and languages is something that enjoy doing as often as I can - near and far!


Q. What advice would you give to aspiring millennials that are interested in becoming their own boss? 

There isn’t a perfect time to become your own boss - you should do it when your inner voice encourages you to do so and at your own pace. Being your own boss has its own challenges so you have to be ready to take that on in spite of it because your need to want to do it should greater than the obstacles. I also would advise them to set boundaries in their work life and family life then carve out some space for self care, and advocate for your needs as much as possible unapologetically - don’t be shy about it because closed mouths don’t get fed. Lastly, I would tell them to stay the course and not allow distractions and anyone else deter them from their vision because at the end of the day you are accountable to your goals.

Connect with Chante!

Instagram: @vysynphotos

Interview by: Chaundra Scott

Photography: Rob Daniels Photos


Published: 10/31/2020 

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