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ANAALA SHANAE 2023  size 7.75 x 11 Bleed (8.5 x 11 Margin) 1.jpg

Issue No. 24



Issue No. 23

With Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Lunden Olin

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Issue No. 21

With 2X Grammy-Winning Publisher and Radio Icon Cherry Martinez


Issue No. 19

With Mompreneur and TV Personality Nancy "Mama" Jones

Bar code Leadling with Lee Cover - Lilli

Issue No. 17

With Lillie Mae from the Netflix series "Love is Blind"

october 2020.png

Issue No. 15

Celebrity beauty maven & Entrepreneur Tie Cooper

C.J. Watson Cover.png

Issue No. 13

With Former NBA Player C.J. Watson

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Issue No. 11

With Fashion Icon & App Creator Lawrence Henderson

tie cooper.png

Issue No. 9

With Celebrity Beauty Expert and HR Executive Tie Cooper!

Lee Whetstone

Issue No. 7

With Magazine Owner, Brand Marketer, and Millennial Boss Lee Whetstone

LWL Mag 5.jpg

Issue No. 5

With Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Pilar Scratch & Kid Fashion Model River Mason Eromosele. 

LWL Mag #3.jpg

Issue No. 3

With MTV's Evan "The Show" Spaulding.

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Issue No. 1

With Creator of the "GoalDigger" Movement.

1 Special 5+ APRIL JUNE 2022 2 size 7.75 x 11 Bleed (8.5 x 11 Margin).pdf VERSION 8-2.jpg

Issue No. 22

With Latoya Nicole, Founder of Entrepreneurs Color Too, LLC

Version 8 FALL 2021 size 7.75 x 11 Bleed (8.5 x 11 Margin).pdf VERSION 8.jpg

Issue No. 20

With Serial Entrepreneur and International Traveler Crystal L. Bass


Issue No. 18

With The Million Dollar Word Strategist Apryl Beverly


Issue No. 16

With award-winning magazine owner and purpose coach Lee Whetstone

Dana Cover (2).png

Issue No. 14

With Millennial Mom and Brand Strategist Dana Cannon-Bryson

nayoka simone.png

Issue No. 12

With Fashion Interior Designer and Author Nayoka Simone

fall issue no. 10.png

Issue No. 10

 With Andromeda Raheem, Women's Empowerment Expert & Author of She Wins

wedding & lifestyle.png

Issue No. 8

With 2019's Girl Boss and Playmate of the Year Jordan Emanuel

This month's issue features actress Crys

Issue No. 6

With Netflix Star Crystal-Lee Naomi of 'Dear White People"


Issue No. 4

With Samantha Wallace from VH1's Love & Hip Hop.


Issue No. 2

With International Media Personality Madison Jaye.

“You guys are amazing. Provided  me with an opportunity in your magazine that exploded my platform and gave me recognition beyond just my local market. After being featured, so many doors and opportunities opened for us. I will forever be thankful for your support, guidance, and advice. - @reigningsupreme_  

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