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Justin Ellen, a star contestant on Netlix's "Is It Cake" is a young creative, and owner of "Everything Just Baked." Everything Just Baked is run by Justin Ellen, and his younger sister Brianna Ellen. Even though they are siblings, and easily bump heads, Justin and Brianna have created a dynamic that works. He bakes and she runs everything behind the scenes. Growing up, in a small city, Passaic, New Jersey, their parents taught them the best way to truly be successful both in mindset and wealth is to hustle to no end. This is what fueled them to just put themselves out there and take a risk. They had a dream, turned it into a vision, and are now making it a reality. 

Q. Welcome, Justin. Can you tell us who or what inspired you to pursue your baking career? 

My mom and grandma inspired my baking career. When I was younger I would always bake with them, especially for the holidays. This really sparked my interest in baking.

Q. What steps did you take to start your company, “Everything Just Baked” and how has your entrepreneurial journey been? 

Truthfully I just started posting on social media and eventually, people started inquiring. It wasn't consistent in the beginning and I barely knew what I was doing however over time Everything Just Baked grew to where I would have never imagined. My entrepreneurial journey has definitely been a roller coaster. Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, especially in the beginning, however, the freedom you receive is worth everything. 


Q. You were a contestant on the popular Netflix show “Is It Cake” How did you land your role and how was the experience?  

Landing my role was honestly a crazy experience. A casting agent reached out to me on Instagram and it was very suspicious. They dm you saying "want to be on a baking show" and will be very vague for confidentiality purposes. However, I went through with the process and had an interview! It was super short and easy and before I knew it I got the call that I was on the show. My overall experience was amazing, a whole dream. I met amazing people and it really helped my career skyrocket. However the whole time I was stressed out completely lol. 


Q. Are you thinking of expanding Everything Just Baked to other states in the future? 


I am definitely thinking of expanding Everything Just Baked to other states and becoming a franchise in the future! 

Q. Showing up for yourself and others as an entrepreneur is hard. How do you keep yourself motivated?

Keeping myself motivated is definitely difficult. But truthfully when I'm not baking I wish I was baking. Every weekend I get excited to create new cakes and that really motivates me. I truly love what I do. 


Q. What does success mean to you?

Success to me is being completely free. Having financial freedom, not worrying about the little things, and being happy/loved. 


Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?

 In my spare time I love to sleep hahah but I also enjoy spending time with friends/family or playing video games. 


Q. What’s next for Justin Ellen? 

Next for me is creating an even bigger brand that everyone would recognize. I’d love to be a household name. 


Q. What advice can you give aspiring entrepreneurs who want to open their own restaurant one day? 

Some advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to open up a bakery is to practice their craft. The better you are at your craft the more you can charge. Secondly, don't sleep on social media. The world today is getting deeper and deeper into social media and you have to use it to your full advantage. It's literally free marketing and everything can be recorded. People enjoy seeing and relating to the person behind the business. 

Stay connected with Justin


Instagram: @everythingjustbaked

PR: Lamore Lifestyle PR

Interview by: Lee K. Whetstone, Founder, and EIC

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