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Get Your Black-Owned Business in Front Of 20,000 People A Week
LWL Magazine
LWL Magazine
LWL Magazine
LWL Magazine
LWL Magazine
Leading with Lee Magazine

As an emerging BIPOC entrepreneur, creative, entertainer or artist, it can often feel like the journey to launch your endeavors is a long, arduous one without much glory.


Here at Leading with Lee™ we’re on a mission to change that with Leading with Lee Magazine. An illustrious online platform where your shining moments and accolades are shared with the world.


Consider us a Times Square billboard, where you can build your authority, amplify your industry influence, and get your business in front of new audiences craving what you offer with the power of your story.


Leading with Lee™ has over 20,000 views weekly. Those are 20,000 opportunities on a weekly basis and nearly 1 million opportunities yearly. That’s plenty of chances to share your story across our website, social media platforms and newsletter.


You see, our audience is made up of hustle-minded, accomplishment-driven entrepreneurs, media personalities, artists and designers who are looking for exactly what you offer. 


Now, entrepreneurship is a journey that requires grit, determination, and an unwavering commitment to growth. You have that. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. But your contributions to your industry as a Black-owned business owner may fly under the radar.

That stops when you advertise with Leading with Lee™. 


We’re committed to highlighting your excellence across our platforms. Plus, with easy-to-share links, you can post your feature story on any of your marketing platforms, too. 


Are you ready to get your business growth story in front of audiences craving what you have to offer?


Fill out this form to do just that:

Refunds are available within 24 hours after purchase ONLY. Leading with Lee (LWL) reserves the right to use all content and photos that is featured in our online and print magazine for our social media networks, brochures, commercials, and etc. LWL value its clients and readers and can refuse to promote anything that includes profanity, pornography, discrimination towards race and color, and all that are at odds with our vision. By paying for above packages you agree to accept our services provided to you for print and/or digital placement. If your STORY is accepted you will receive a confirmation email, if it is NOT you will receive a refund.


"We are forever thankful for our feature in your magazine. We literally quadrupled sales and doubled our following. Thanks for providing a platform for young black creatives" 


"Love you guys! Your support of my business and brand literally propelled me into multiple speaking engagements, collaborations, and ventures. I will always be humbled by the opportunity" - IG: @dippedinchocoboutique

When launching a product and our building a brand it's essential to make sure your idea comes to life where your customers and clients can't envision themselves without that brand/product. As a beauty expert, I knew that I needed help telling that story. Luckily, I was blessed with the team from LWL Magazine that helped me with my entire brand story, execution of my launch and placing me strategically within publication outlets to spark my now successful brand, Beau Tie Cosmetics.  After only one month of being in business, my cover and features in LWL Magazine was a key contributor in me making a statement in the beauty world and the success of me being featured in other publications and features even in Yahoo Finance as one of the top 20 entrepreneurs to look out for in 2020!!!

Tie Cooper, @tiecooper, Celebrity Beaty Expert

"Thank you Leading with Lee Magazine for this beautiful  feature and helping bring awareness to Tallom Foundation and the work we are doing in Brooklyn" - Amarimba Charles

"I wanted my STORY told that's why I came to you because you get it" - Rhea E. Skinner, Creator of Agency 1408

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