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“Life is a journey to your present time in the future” reflects Chante Ramsey's mindset as a forward thinker and purpose-driven brand development leader.

She has senior-level leadership expertise throughout her tenures at NYC-based nonprofit organizations where she honed her talent for seeing below the surface to problem solve, implement innovations, and develop systems to enhance efficiency. Her oversight consisted of the management of the operating budget, space planning, and construction project management, interfacing with private and government funding agencies to cultivate relationships, providing valued insight on the strategic visioning for community-based initiatives, day-to-day management of community-centered and economic development programs, office operations sustainability in a hybrid world, enhancing human resources strategies to strengthen team cohesion, build positive internal and partner collaborations and, design systems that enhance communications and staff work-life.

During her nonprofit tenures, she invested in her creative side with the launch of her photography business from being a self-taught freelance artist to working with passionate residents and their families from the community. Since 2005, through VySyn Photography she has captured faces, and places and extracted the beauty from within and the essence of each moment through her lens. 

When she pivoted her photography business, her present purpose work took its true shape as she began to dive deeply into brand development with small business owners through visual branding services to become the brand development expert that she was destined to be. Her journey is far from complete and continues to thrive through her drive to share her superpower with equally passionate leaders who want to make a difference in their communities.

Q. Welcome back Chante! Let’s jump right into your new business venture. Can you tell us what inspired you to create Uplift 2 Thrive Consulting?


Thank you for welcoming me back! I launched Uplift 2 Thrive Consulting because I saw an unfulfilled need for BIPOC business owners - a safe space to be vulnerable, to be heard, and to have a thought partner to work with to help them to be the best leaders that they can be! U2T was manifested through my passion to help others which is deeply rooted in my life’s purpose.


Q. What services does Uplift 2 Thrive Consulting provide and who benefits from them?


BIPOC business leaders are able to connect with U2T in two ways. One way is through our brainstorming sessions via our Mindset (The Power Hour!) and VIP Days (The Deep Dive!), and the second way is through our six-week leadership training course, The Leadership Academy. Both paths enable clients to have a transformative experience that is customized to their brand needs and vision. 


Q. If someone is in the beginning stages of their business (1-3 years) and is interested in working with you but doesn’t know where to start, what service would you recommend to them and why?


We make it really simple to engage with us on our social media platforms and at our website as an initial touch point for those who are unsure about what we do, how we work, and if their business is ready for this investment. After a discovery session, which is a complimentary “Get To Know You” call, we assess what stage you are in your business and which service package is the perfect fit! For those that are ready for the uplift, I highly recommend that brand leaders start with a Mindset session to explore our holistic coaching approach placing wellness above all then together we explore a top-priority growth challenge to find actionable solutions. I guarantee that clients will feel recharged and empowered at the end of the session and then will book another Mindset session and/or a VIP Day. 

Q. When we first featured you, we shared your story about building your photography business Vysyn Photos. How did you make the successful transition from being known as a photographer to now a business consultant? 


I love this question! Being an entrepreneur began from an artistic expression at a traumatic point in my life that blossomed over time as I started my inner work journey to heal and tap into my superpower. I enjoyed helping my clients as they basked confidently in the visuals that we created together for themselves, their families, and their friends. During the pandemic, I began to work closely with brand leaders, and due to the expansion of my photography I started to share my business scaling expertise, savvy team-building anecdotes and the list goes on because I saw the internal struggle that brand leaders were experiencing. These challenges got in the way of their visual branding growth and creativity. How can a brand leader elevate brand stories if they are facing a huge problem? I tapped my coach on the shoulder and proclaimed that I had found my gift to the world that photography has led me to. I spent 2022 developing my brand vision and setting up the business then on January 26, 2023 Uplift to Thrive was officially born at a launch party where I was surrounded by my tribe sharing my joy which also revealed to me that this gift existed many years before. 


Q. How do you keep yourself afloat while running two businesses? 


Time management is key! It is not easy having two brands that I absolutely love and are intensive so I ensure that my scheduling process for both brands is seamless. I give myself days off from working 100% as well as days off from each brand to maintain a healthy balance. It’s still difficult in some weeks more than others but it has been doable!

Q. The coaching and consulting industry is a saturated industry. What separates Uplift 2 Thrive Consulting from most consulting agencies? 


This is a sensitive area for me. This fact actually made me turn away from this calling a few times during the planning phase of my business last year but I realized that we offer something different than what exists in the industry. The uniqueness of U2T is that our priority is to put you (your health, your wealth of knowledge, and your vision) first through our 1:1 consulting! We are not coming from a space of “knowing it all” but we are seeking to get to the heart of your brand which is YOU. We’re not therapists but our sessions are therapeutic and comprised of insight shared ranging from marketing campaigns and fiscal systems to scaling up your team and product launch strategies. It is powerful to see a BIPOC brand leader, someone that looks like me, remain resilient after a session with us and implement their action steps to see their brand grow to another level. It is a beautiful sight to see! 

Q. Any upcoming projects or events we should look out for?


We welcome our mailing list subscribers to our monthly “Brunch & Lunch” events where we bring business leaders together to brainstorm and celebrate our wins together. 


Q. What does success mean to you?


For me, success is a feeling that happens with each milestone and each new chapter. Success is about attaining knowledge (learning something new about yourself and your craft), facing your fears to take that first step into the unknown, embracing your happiness unapologetically, and living in your purpose daily. 


Q. What advice can you give aspiring artists who would like to turn their dreams into realities?  


My advice would be to never cease believing in your dream especially when negative self-talk creeps in or your confidence starts to wane. Whenever you have doubt that is the moment where you feed yourself knowledge about your dream to fuel your motivation that will continue to inspire you to keep going. And, most importantly, find a mentor/coach to help you to sustain your vision as you juggle life’s realities. I know (We know) you got this!

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Instagram: @uplift2thriveconsulting

Interview by: Lee K. Whetstone, Founder and EIC

Published: August 25, 2023.

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