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Denise Styless

Denise Styless, New York's upcoming celebrity wardrobe stylist is making moves and breaking barriers in the fashion industry. Commencing her budding fashion and entertainment career in 2019, Denise is already making a name for herself as a fashion staple. Growing up in her career she has styled NYCs elite from Fatman Scoop, Eszylfie Taylor, TV personality Pilar Scratch, actor and child prodigy River Mason Eromosele, and Rizr Footwear. Denise's styling technique is a merge of lifestyle meets couture. She is also a model liaison merging models with events, runway shows, photo shoots, and casting calls nationally. Rising in fame Denise has been featured on various top-tier outlets: Buzzfeed, Medium,, 24hiphop, Hustle & Soul Magazine, Heart of Hollywood Magazine, Vocal, Fashion Gxd Magazine, One West Magazine, 4sho Magazine, Digital Buzz, Remi TV, and Grind Magazine.


As her fashion career expands she has been spotted attending immense red carpets. Denise Styless has been present at New York Fashion Week 2022 front row for the Erkio Men's collection, the front row at the Telfar NYFW 2021 debut, the Katra Film Festival, “The Patterson: A Bronx Tale” movie premiere, fashion icon Katherine Wallach’s jewelry launch x Vogue Magazine, she walked the carpet for Gansevoort hotel reveal for El Toro De Oro” bull, the UGG fashion show, the Krab Queens Harlem grand opening, she walked the Cotton Candy Records red carpet for there artist single release, Hot 97 Summer Jam announcement event, she was a stylist for Harlem Fashion Week, walked the carpet for NYSFE Magazine cover reveal, Netflix private screening of the Netflix’s Documentary Series "How to Change Your Mind", Round 21 NY Liberty event, Brooklyn Chophouse red carpet, and TME the model experience in Los Angeles.

Q. Welcome denies can you tell us who or what inspired your fashion journey? 

My grandmother inspired me. She was the fashion and sewing queen in the house. She was big on recreating garments for holidays and things she needed for her house which included; curtains, tables, and covers. My supporters play a big role. I also appreciate them for supporting me and making me go harder.


Q. What are some of the steps you took to get your career started? 


I did a lot of free work. I came up with my own projects. I remember doing some in my apartment. I went out to events to network even on days I didn't feel good inside. I knew that no matter how I felt I needed to stay focused on my brand.


Q. Who was your favorite celebrity to work with and why? 


Child prodigy River Manson Eromosele was my favorite celebrity to work with. I loved working with him because he was so motivating, young, smart, and very very respectful. He is a true star.

Q. What do you think will be in style, in terms of clothes and color for spring 2023?


I think green, yellow, pink, and light blue colors. Those colors are perfect for 2023. They're perfect for spring and popular for spring 2023. Bootcut jeans, hoodies, ripped jeans, jean jackets, teddy coats, and leather jackets are always a fashion must-have. 


Q. Do you feel as if you are living for your purpose?


Yes, I do because God just keeps blessing me with good people and great opportunities.


Q. Showing up for yourself and others can be hard. How do you keep yourself motivated and disciplined?


Sometimes it could be a lot.  Nonetheless,  when you love what you do it can't get hard because I know this is what I signed up for. I knew it wasn't going to be a walk in the park. But I love my line of work. I also drink a lot of coffee and pray for strength and guidance. God leads the way.


Q. What does success mean to you?


Success to me is victory and freedom.


Q. What advice can you give aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to turn their dreams into realities?


I would say invest in yourself and be true to your brand. 

As Denise Styless continues to leave her mark in the fashion and entertainment industry we continue to be excited about what’s to come for the rising fashion guru.


Stay connected with Denise

IG @___shessssomean

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