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Chiquita Zachery Launched a Successful Brand After Taking Leave From Work During the Pandemic 


Chiquita Zachery, CEO of Skyn By Chi was inspired to create her skincare line after experiencing a hormonal imbalance that caused her face to breakout, resulting in emotional distress and scarred skin. “I tried everything that you can imagine to get rid of my adult acne, facial hyper-pigmentation (dark spots), and dryness." After countless hours researching effective ingredients that addressed her adult acne, hyper-pigmentation, uneven texture, and dehydration without reducing the nature collagen, Skyn by Chi was birthed.



Q. Welcome, Chiquita! Can you tell us about your acne journey, and how it affected your life?


My acne journey started a while after my hysterectomy at the end of 2018. My hormones didn’t become imbalanced right away. It was 2019 when I started experiencing hormonal acne. It affected me and my life a lot. I’ve never had acne issues. I’ve always had fairly good skin with minimal issues. Makeup had always been optional but when the acne started, makeup became mandatory for me and it wasn’t the best feeling. I became very self conscious about my skin and my self esteem was not the best. 


Q. You’ve tried numerous products to help with your acne with no luck. What made you decide to create Skyn by Chi during the pandemic, rather than searching for additional help? 


Well the products I was trying were all drugstore skincare products because the dermatologist were closed and booking appointments for months later due to the pandemic. Since I was out of work on an unpaid leave of absence, I was using this time to get my skin back to it’s usual glow. That was my initial reason for taking the leave of absence. That turned into researching ingredients, which turned into taking an online product development class at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), which turned into creating my skincare line. 

Q. What were some of the first steps you took to get your business up and running? 


Some of the first steps I took to get my business up and running was filing an LLC and EIN to make my business legal. I learned as much as I could about the beauty industry. (And I’m still learning) 

I wrote out a business plan. I opened a business bank account. And from there I continued build and add the necessary next steps. 


Q. When someone uses Skyn by Chi, what takeaways do you want them to experience?


“Love Your Skyn Naturally” That’s my goal for each person who experiences Skyn by Chi skincare products. Our mission at Skyn By Chi

is to provide you with the tools to renew the natural beauty in you. There are so many elements – from the environment to day-to-day stress that cause our skin to become unbalanced. Skyn by Chi products allows you to embrace it all while incorporating a refreshing daily regiment to obtain a healthy glow.



Q. Have you come across any roadblocks in your path to success? If so, how did you overcome them?


Roadblocks are something almost impossible to avoid being an entrepreneur. I’ve come across many since being in business less than 2 years. The way I personally over come them is to basically keep pushing. When my plans don’t work out, I go back to the drawing board, remember why I started an most importantly, I never give up. 


Q. Any tips for people who are interested in using Skyn by Chi for the first time? 


Natural, affordable and luxury is what our products represent. Skyn By Chi products are cruelty free, vegan and formulated with clean ingredients made in the USA. The products have been received with high praise and raving reviews. 


Q. What advice can you give to those who are interested in creating their own beauty or health line?


A piece of advice I would give to those who are interested in creating their own beauty or health line is to stay committed. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and it’s definitely not for the weak. Learn as much as you possibly can about your business and the industry. For the beauty space specifically, stay on top of what’s trending. People are taking better care of their skin these days and they want the newest products that are trending.

Stay connected with Chiquita:

Instagram: @skynbychi


Interview by: Lee K. Whetstone

PR: Lamore Lifestyle PR

Date: July 2, 2022

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