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Damika "Meko" Kelly

Damika "Meko" Kelly

Holding nothing back, former singer and songwriter Damika "Meko" Kelly shares her journey about the entertainment world, the abuse she experienced from her Grammy award winning ex and more! Now Author and Consultant, Meko Kelly is showing the world her  many talents. She speaks to us about her company Love Queen, LLC, her relationship with now husband DJ Sixth Sense and upcoming new projects! Read all about it in her exclusive interview with us.

1. Meko, thank you for stopping by to share your story with us. We’d first like to know what made you transition from singer and songwriter to now brand consultant and author.


About five years ago I had a conversation with a close friend about re-branding their image. I gave them my ideas for a social media marketing campaign and they trusted me to work the plan and it was successful. I secured them hundreds of new clients and over 6K followers. They bragged about me and helped boost my clients and the rest is history. 


My husband influenced me to write my book. He convinced me to get this story out...I’m just thankful that I listened. 


2. You are a survivor of many things. Child molestation, depression, and physical and emotional abuse from your ex who is also a Grammy award winning music producer. You explain your journey in your tell all book titled “Love is Not Pain” Can you tell us more about it?


My journey is about survival. I experienced so many traumatic experiences and took myself on an emotional roller coaster... I tried to commit suicide because my past haunted me and made me feel like I was worthless and unlovable. I never thought I would fall in love or that anyone would love me after everything I experienced but thankfully I survived!!! I’m blessed with a husband who doesn’t judge my past... he loves me and makes me feel like a Queen. 


3. You are currently married to DJ Sixth Sense. How did you know he was the one after all you’ve gone through?


I knew he was the one when we sat down for lunch to catch up and I opened up and told him things I never shared before and he didn’t run, lol. I told him about the domestic abuse, abusing drugs, prostitution and he never flinched. In fact, he wanted to know everything... he told me that I was brave and that my story needed to be heard. We were friends for 15 years before we dated and when we got together it was so different. I can share everything with him and never feel bad. He’s my best friend and I’m excited to see how God continues to bless us in the future. 


4. Let’s switch gears. What services does “Love Queen Consulting” provide?


I offer services ranging from Image Consulting, Music Brand Management, Talent Management, and Mentoring. I began my career singing and writing songs and never had anyone to guide me to make sure I didn’t get ripped off so I decided to help artists become legit... I assist with business development and startups as well. I also started a teen mentoring program called “The Boss Academy” that helps teen girls start their own businesses. Last but not least, I’m also in the process of re-branding my management company where my husband and I will work together to release three special artists we’ve had the pleasure of working with for a while. 


5. How do you want your clients left feeling after experiencing consultation from “Love Queen Consulting”?


My mission is to empower and support my clients. I treat them like family and go above and beyond to make sure they have the necessary tools needed for success. I met, trained and supported over twenty clients this year to become entrepreneurs, published authors, and independent artists with music released on iTunes. I’ve had a great year but my plan is to go harder in 2019. 


6. Are you still passionate about singing?


I love singing!! My son is currently producing music for me to release in 2019. I’m excited to record again and look forward to getting on stage one day. 


7. Do you feel as if you are living in your purpose?


I finally feel like I found my purpose. For a long time I never felt good enough and dealt with anxiety and depression but after releasing my book I feel like a weight has been lifted and that I can do anything. My husband and children push me to be better and I have a host of amazing friends who love me and support me, I’m truly blessed. 


8. How do you manage the mom-boss life?


It’s tough but thankfully my kids are all entrepreneurs. My son is a producer and DJ, my oldest daughter is an actress and costume designer and my baby girl is a writer. We’re all working on projects and I plan to ensure they’re all business owners. 


9. What advice can you give to upcoming talents who would like to make an impact in the music industry?


My advice is to stay true to your craft, don’t let society change your goals and to never give up! Keep pushing, put God first and don’t stop dreaming. 


Stay connected with Meko Kelly at and on Instagram @lovequeenmeko

Interview by: Lee Whetstone, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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