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Digital Brand Strategist Elaine Rau Teaches Boss Women How To Get Paid Online

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Meet the Founder of LadyBossBlogger Elaine Rau. The purpose of her blog is to highlight the WHO & WHY behind female entrepreneurial BRANDS. "We are in the business of storytelling and humanizing brands" says Elaine, "Contemporary way of advertising. Print is out, blogs are in. No one clicks on google ads anymore, but they do read blogs!" Blogging was never on the "to-do" for Elaine as she was a National Wedding Sales Manager beforehand. To date, her network has grown to over 70,000! Read all about this amazing #BossLady as she shares her secrets to success of growing a PROFITABLE and SUCCESSFUL business.

Q. What is the most overwhelming aspect of being a full-time blogger?

Emails! I went on a 4-day trip this past weekend and came back to 1000+ emails in my inbox.


Q. What has been the most rewarding experience since your career transition?

Walking alongside my interns as they navigate life in college and teaching them skills that will help them either create or land their dream career.


Q. Were there any specific skills you learned while working in the wedding industry that helped you to begin blogging?

I worked 100% commission jobs and loved the thrill of it, which is something I always recommend doing before venturing out on your own.


Q. What advice would you give to someone interested in monetizing their Instagram?

Create content in batches and schedule it out to ensure you're being consistent and posting every single day at the same time. Both people and algorithms like consistency.


Q. What has been the most interesting aspect of becoming an entrepreneur?

I can work as much or as little as I want because time does not equate to dollars, it's all about efficiency and strategy. 


Q. What has been the most influential experience in your growth and why?

I love seeing my students achieve what they thought was impossible. I just had a student go from 0-20 brand deals in one week after taking my course! Another student emailed me all in caps to tell me that her traffic went from 1K to 50K monthly viewers. And so many others have seen a huge jump in their income and engagement, which makes me so happy because I know my strategies have worked for me but to see it working for other people is incredibly satisfying. (Learn more here:


Q. What would you say is the number one key to success in being a full-time blogger and influencer?

Having complete control over how I spend my time is incredible. I get to create the life I want to live and can't believe I get to do so in my 20s.


Q.What does a typical day in your week look like?

Wake up, put on my robe, and drive to Starbucks! I usually hang out with my friends during the day, then work at night from 7-midnight. 


Q. What do you do to stay motivated when things get tough within your business?

Pray for direction. God always comes first, because for me, without Him, there is no purpose in life.


Q. What advice can you give to aspiring bloggers? 

Believe you can, implement what you know, learn what you don't, and don't give up. 

Stay Connected with Elaine!

Instagram: @ladybossblogger & @elainerau

Twitter: @ladybossblogger

Interview by: Genya Evans

Published: 10/10/2020

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