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Meet Mompreneur and CEO of V.O. Burton Foundation, Inc. Phyllis Burton

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Phyllis Burton is the CEO and Founder of the V.O. Burton Foundation Inc., Executive Director for Sock out Poverty Inc., and a Registered Nurse. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Business Administration. She is a pillar of the community through her service to others. Her innovative approach and leadership, lead her to strategically secure financial funding and donations from national businesses including Walmart, Sam’s Club, and The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation.

Ms. Burton has brought global awareness surrounding the needs of the homeless and low social-economic communities through national media and outreach programs. She continues to build partnerships with other organizations building a better tomorrow, today. 


Q. Welcome back, Phyllis! Let’s start out by discussing your new organization, V.O. Burton Foundation. Can you tell us about it and to whom does it serve? 

The V.O. Burton Foundation Inc. was created in honor of my late father Varn O. Burton. His legacy of giving back to the community will continue through this nonprofit organization. VOB Foundation will provide goods and services to communities that are underserved, and poverty-stricken. Poverty will be alleviated by rebuilding lives through the resources of this organization. The mission of V.O. Burton Foundation is to build a better tomorrow, today. 


Q. You are no stranger to helping those who are in need. Your daughter also has an organization called Sock Out Poverty which provides the less fortunate with socks. Have you always had a passion to help those who are in need? 

I have always had a passion to help those who are in need. I would accompany my father while he was giving back to others. My daughter, Princess would accompany me while I was on various outreaches giving back to others. To date, Princess has a nonprofit organization where she serves the community and gives back to others. We are three generations of service.


Q. What are some of the marketing techniques that you’ve taken to bring awareness and visibility to your organization?

I utilize social media, radio and tv, and partner with facilities and organizations to bring awareness and visibility to the V.O. Burton Foundation. I believe in networking and building strong relationships is the fundamentals of a successful business.


Q. Have you come across any roadblocks in your path to success? If so, how did you overcome them?

Any roadblocks to success is a redirection to a brighter path. I have encountered many opportunities to learn from and overcome roadblocks to success. One roadblock I had to overcome was not enough funding for the outreach programs on our agenda. I continue to pursue after many no’s until I received that one yes. After redirection and persistence, the funding was secure for poverty-stricken families. 


Q. Based on your own experiences, what are some pros and cons of entrepreneurship? 

The Pros of entrepreneurship is the ability to create, build, and grow your business.

The Cons are it can be lonely and long and unpredictable work hours. 


Q. You’ve featured in our Women Spotlight series a few years ago, maybe 2015 or 2016. And we are happy that you decided to share your story with us again. Since then, what have you been up to?  

I was a special guest along with Princess on the Tamron Hall Show. I also have traveled as a Registered Nurse helping hospitals with staffing shortages due to the pandemic. Last but definitely not least, I have founded the V.O. Burton Foundation, Inc.


Q. What’s your superpower?

A servant's heart, relentless, and dedication


Q. What does success mean to you?

Success means to me, taking the hand you are dealt and winning anyway. Sometimes uncontrollable things happen in life and when you overcome those obstacles, you have succeeded and conquered. 


Q. What advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to turn their dreams into realities?

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to turn their dreams into realities…Jump ! You will not have it all figured out but jump anyway. If it’s your dream and passion, there are no regrets in trying. 

Follow Phyllis on Instagram at @Classiep

Published: 2/3/2022

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