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Meet Content Engineer and Founder of 628 Digital Design Samantha Williams, MS

Samantha (Sammi) is a distinguished content engineer with over twenty years of executive-level, corporate, and professional writing experience. She is also a recognized business coach and social media manager committed to supporting and building the local community.


As an astute businesswoman and serial entrepreneur, Sammi has launched several successful companies, including Sam’s WordMelanated Business Coaching, and 628 Digital Design. Sammi is the Founder and President of the Collaboration of Minority Women Professionals (CMWP), with a mission to increase the visibility, capacity, and business profitability of professional minority women.

CMWP was started in New Haven in 2018 and has grown to be an international business resource for Black and minority women.


Sammi specializes in business writing, content development, editing, proofreading, blog/email/newsletter development, social media management, branding, graphic design, website development, maintenance, strategy, and training. Sammi is also a respected business coach and entrepreneurial advisor.


Q. What inspired you to become a writer? And at what point did you realize you wanted to help others with your gift?

Writing came naturally to me and several years ago as I realized friends and family often came to me for writing support. Eventually, I decided to market my services to other individuals and realized it was a profitable business that was growing rapidly. I built a strong clientele base and that became Sam’s Word. 

Q. How did you get started? What steps did you take to launch your business?

I hired my cousin as my Assistant, and she assisted me with creating a logo and claiming social media handles. She also helped build my website and I secured all the necessary legal qualifications to form my LLC. I then opened a business bank account and credit card account and began promoting my services on social media and word of mouth.

Q. Tell us about your company 628 Digital Design and who benefits from it.

After building Sam’s Word for 5 years, I realized we had grown significantly, and our scope of services had also increased. This inspired me to take specific services from Sam’s Word and create a digital content design and marketing agency. 628 Digital Design launched in February 2020 during Black History Month. It is named after my son, Donny Jr., whose birthday is June 28th. 628 Digital Design serves companies large and small with defined marketing budgets. As a wraparound agency, we provide comprehensive services, including social media management, full-service website development and design, graphic design, logos, marketing materials, and more! As the company approaches its 1-year anniversary, I brought the Sam’s Word services back into 628 Digital Design. We also offer business writing, editing, content strategy, and multilingual translation, editing, and proofreading services. 

Q. What are some of the marketing techniques that you’ve taken to bring awareness and visibility to your brand?

As a digital content design and marketing agency, I understand the importance of incorporating awareness and visibility into my brand. Some of my marketing techniques include sharing frequent email marketing campaigns, posting regularly on several social media platforms while also engaging with followers, and ensuring our brand identity is clear, crisp, and consistent.

Q. Have you come across any roadblocks in your path to success? If so, how did you overcome them?

All business owners experience roadblocks. As I grew 628 Digital Design, I needed to recruit talented creatives. I am intentional about financially empowering Black women and I knew I wanted my team to be reflective of this. However, I still struggle with finding highly gifted and qualified women of color. When I find them, I quickly add them to my team! But I am always looking for Black women copywriters, business writers, graphic designers, website designers, public relations professionals, and brand strategists. Ladies who join my team must have an entrepreneurial mindset. I’m looking for creative visionaries who want to get that bag!


Another roadblock I’ve received is racism, which usually presents as covert microaggressions. I’ve experienced it tremendously in networking where I am not welcomed into non-diverse networking groups. I’ve heard many people tell me they don’t know any Black business owners. I was surprised to learn how deeply racism also permeates entrepreneurship. 

Q. What are some of your favorite resources or tools that you like to use for your business?

Some of my favorite tools are Grammarly, of course! I use Slack to communicate with my team and clients and I love my content management tools – One Drive and Google Drive.

Q. When you hear the words ‘Women Empowerment” what comes to mind?

It reminds me of the organization I created to amplify, promote, and financially support Black women. That is the Collaboration of Minority Women Professionals, which is an international organization for us. I focus on empowering Black women because we are often overlooked, ignored, mistreated, and disrespected. We aren’t offered the same opportunities, connections, and resources. Therefore, when I hear women empowerment, I think of the intentional investment, support, and equitable inclusion of all women, specifically Black women. 


Q. What’s your Superpower?

My superpower is empowering others.


Q. What does success mean to you?

Success means sustaining yourself by doing what you want to do, on your terms.

What advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to turn their dreams into realities?

Start. Stop thinking about it and just do it. 

Call or Text:

(203) 800 - 7119

Fax: (877) 597 - 1112

P.O. Box 120068

East Haven, CT 06512


Published: 2/3/2022

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