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Meet Tiffany Ward, Owner of NV MY EYEWEAR


We sat down with Tiffany Ward, both founder and owner of NV MY EYEWEAR to discuss her path into creating a winning Optometry brand and business. 

Q. Where did you grow up? Where did your path begin?

I grew up in Detroit. Life was tough for everyone. We all know how easy it is to stray away from positivity. I knew it was important to focus my time and energy on something productive. Then I found my first love Optometry. At the age of 15, I was able to enter a vocational program which focused on optometric assisting at Black and White Optical in South Michigan. That was my first gig. I started as an intern which turned into a full-time position. I became even more motivated. I wanted to go to the next level. I then obtained my license to become an optician.

"I wanted to go to the next level"


Q. What was the inspiration behind starting MY NV EYEWEAR and how did you get started? What steps did you take to launch your business?

In 2007, I moved to Philadelphia to follow my dreams. I opened my first location in Collingdale PA in 2009. Having to close only eight months after opening, I realized I knew OPTICAL but I did not know the business side as much as I would like to. Next, I applied for a general managers position in a major retail chain which allowed me to learn  the business side of Optical. I started to make plans while I worked at this optical chain. On the side I created a mobile OPTICAL servicing the Philadelphia area for three years. I realized it was time for me to take a leap of faith again. I opened my brick and mortar in West Philly on 52nd street, January 1, 2017. It was time to put it all on the table again. I decided to reopen. We opened our second location in South Philly in February 2019. 

"We have an amazing staff. I consider them more than employees"



Q. We are currently living in a pandemic due to COVID-19. What type of effect did/does it have on your business? Has it effected how you operate? Will it hinder staffing? 

Yes. Due to Covid related issues we had to close that second location in April 2020. We are happy to say that our first location has weathered the storm of Covid. We were able to avoid the chaos and losing. We will never stop serving our customers or our community regardless of what happens. I'm ecstatic to say we will be celebrating our four year anniversary on January 1, 2021. We have an amazing staff. I consider them more than employees. They are my family. Without them, NV NY EYEWEAR could never reach the potential that it has. we look forward to 100 more years in business! 

Stay connected with Tiffany!

Instagram: @nvmyeyewear


Twitter: @nvmyeyewear

Interview by: Leading with Lee 

Photo by: Richard Gibson (@youngkingsmedia)

Published on: 1/5/2021

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