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Tinashe Kajese-Bolden 

Leading with Lee Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing actress Tinashe Kajese-Bolden. She recently joined the cast of Colman Domingo's "DOT" as Shelly and have been receiving such great reviews for it!. Tinashe speaks to us about her recent role, as well as share the most challenging roles she had to play in her career.

1. Tinashe, thanks for stopping by to chat with us. Let's jump right into your new role in Colman Domingo's Stage Play "DOT" Can you share with us how you landed the role as well as the type of character "Shelly" is?


I've had the great opportunity to work with (director) Kenny Leon and his Atlanta based theater company True Colors on several productions over the years, and I have always auditioned for them. In this case, I got a call with an offer to do the role, which is always very flattering and exciting when a director has confidence you can do the role based on your past work. 


2. Have you always had a passion to become an actress?


Deep down yes. I was always an artsy kid - played musical instruments and painted. Acting was a passion but I didn't know you could make a living at it. 


3.  Out of the many roles you've played, which character was the most challenging?


When roles deal with tragic story lines about children, those are the hardest for me... As a mother, it's harder to separate and I tend to become very immersed in my characters. But I take the responsibility of telling hard or marginalized stories very seriously--there is someone who needs that experience to be told and i can serve as a reflection of what they are experiencing and maybe offer a hopeful outcome. 


4.  When performing, do you ever get nervous or shy? If so, what techniques or rituals do you use to help overcome it?


As long as I keep the focus of the story and character I'm playing, I never get nervous or shy. The minute I start getting nervous, I know that I am too focused on myself. 


5.  What motivates you to keep going?


My kids, my husband... A sense of service to God and the way I do that is serving humanity in telling stories that may not always get told. 


6. What advice can you give to aspiring actors who would like to make an impact in the entertainment industry?


Believe in your individuality and uniqueness. Resist trying to conform to a mold other people say you should look like, sound like, dress like. Get into a strong training program - this career is a marathon not a sprint! 

Follow Tinashe on Instagram @tinashekajesebolden

Interview by: Lee Whetstone, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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