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Meet Our Woman Spotlight Twanita Dozier 

Founder of Boss Up Magazine!

In celebration of Women's History Month and to also acknowledge our 4th Annual "The Woman Spotlight 2018", we are selecting all Boss Ladies, Mompreneurs, Female Doctors, Lawyers, Singers, and etc to highlight for the month of March. Today we are highlighting Twanita Dozier, Founder and EIC of Boss Up Magazine. 

Q. State Your Name and Where You Are From.

My name is Twanita Dozier and I am a Chicago native, currently residing in Virginia.


Q. What's the Name of Your Business?

I am the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of a digital magazine called "Boss Up Magazine".


Q. Who or What Inspired You to Create Your Business?

My magazine provides a platform for Black Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Organizations to shine! I write feature articles about the person and their business/organization.

Q. Who Benefits From Your Product or Service?

My magazine was created due to the challenges of Black Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Organizations gaining support and recognition of their success, or their initiative to be successful! I wanted to be the person to help eliminate these challenges.


Q. Give advice to aspiring young women who are looking to become successful in your given field.

My advice to anyone wanting to start their own business would be: Be Confident, Consistent, Focused, and Disciplined. Don't let ANYONE steer you away from your GOALS and DREAMS! Don't let lack of support stop you! Pray over your business, surround yourself with positive energy, and GO FOR IT! 

Stay Connected with Twanita!


Magazine Website: 

Instagram & Twitter: @bossupmag 


Facebook: Boss Up Magazine 

Published March 2, 2018

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