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4 Money Making Apps You Should Download

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Building a brand or small business can be difficult at times, especially if you haven't reached to a point where you are financially free to fully invest in the resources and tools you'll need to help your business grow and prosper. In most cases, start-ups and personal brands are using their 9 to 5 jobs to invest in their dreams. But guess what? Sometimes having a full time job is not enough! According to, 71% of US Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, barely making it to survive. Therefore, until the day when you can put in your two weeks notice at your job to work for yourself full time, I've listed a few money making apps that will help make the process a little easier along the way. 


1. Poshmark

So you have clothes that you've never worn or barely used that is sitting in your closet collecting dust. Start making money by selling your clothes on Poshmark! It's really simple. Just download the app, take a photo of the item, list it, and then sell, BOOM! I am not an affiliate of Poshmark, but I can vouch for it since I am a personal user of the app. The only downfall about it is they take 20% of your earnings. You'll also have to share the items in your closet to your followers often as it will result in a higher chance of sales.