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4 Ways to Building a Successful Personal Brand

Brand marketing goes beyond products and services. When selling your business services, you should also sell yourself as a separate individual. This is called personal branding. Building a personal brand is essential for entrepreneurs, and those who are trying to make an impact in the corporate world because it positions you as an expert, thought-leader and expresses your personality, Remember, people buy from people.

Below I list four ways on how you can SUCCESSFULLY create a personal brand.

1. Narrow Down Your Expertise

When creating a successful brand, you must first discover what you’re great at. That means asking yourself these questions:

What am I known for?

What gifts comes to me easily?

What have I spent time mastering?

How can I package what I know into a product or service?

Narrowing down your expertise will help you gain clarity on what you are called to do. As a result, you’ll position yourself as an expert, thought leader, and the “go-to” guru in your industry.

2. Tell a Story⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Sharing Your Story Humanizes Your Brand. When starting out as a new business owner, it can be difficult as consumers are skeptical about giving their money to new businesses. Therefore, sell your products and services with a story. Make your potential clients FEEL & WANT what you have to offer. Choose stories that relates to your offer. They should find the solution to their problems in your brand’s messaging.

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3. Stay Consistent

Display the same logo, colors, and messaging across all platforms. This helps you become recognizable by consumers.

4. Package Your Gifts

Package your services and products into courses, ebooks, videos and trainings. People love growing, learning, and having access to exclusive resources. When packaged and marketed correctly, this becomes an incredible way to earn passive income and make a name for yourself.

Happy Building!

Written by: Lee Whetstone, Founder and Editor-in-chief

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