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7 Growth Strategies to Use in Business For 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

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I like to get straight to the point sometimes :-)

1. Choose customer experience over customer service

To provide a great customer experience, a customer's interaction with your company and staff from the beginning to the end has to make them feel as if they were treated like VIPs. This means having happy employees who value customer service, having a user-friendly website and other easy-to-use automation, listening to them, reducing friction, and solving their specific problems.

Benefits are:

  • Increased customer loyalty

  • You'll receive positive reviews and recommendations

  • Greater chance of creating word-of-mouth marketing

On the other hand, customer service deals with one part of the process. For example, calling your phone company to add a line to your family plan. You received customer service from the representative but you haven't experienced anything else.

Examples of bad customer experiences are:

  • Taking too long to respond to an inquiry or taking too long to solve a problem

  • Hiring unfit employees or not training your team properly

  • Too much automation and not enough human interaction.

The solution?

Create a customer experience strategy that compliments your brand. This is a whole process that includes, systems, funnels, surveys, and more.

2. Create a personal brand

In addition to building a business, developing a personal brand is key to positioning yourself as an expert. Personal branding builds credibility, helps you become more relatable, and increases your reputation. You'll become known for what you do by potential clients and will attract the attention of other leading experts.

3. Automate

Systems are what make businesses grow, flow, and sell. Having the right systems in your business will increase sales, brand longevity, and place you ahead of your competitors. There are many types of systems to choose from. There are automated systems, financial systems, customer development systems, management systems, product marketing systems, and more.

Some of the automated and digital systems I use are:

  • Acuity - This is a scheduling app that allows me to schedule appointments, receive payments, and intake forms online.

  • Planoly - Time is money and if there's an app that can help me save time on social media, then this is it. I can auto-post my content for Instagram and Facebook any time I want.

  • Kajabi - You can create courses, memberships, and websites with Kajabi. I use it for my Club Purpose membership and digital ebooks. It's been a great source of passive income for my business.

Develop your brand voice, identity, and messaging at a successful rate by joining the Marketing & Media Accelerator today!

4. Hire a business coach

There comes a point in time when you'll need guidance from a business coach. Coaches will help you get unstuck, help you with your goals, and will help you reach the next level for your business.

5. Create digital products and courses

Package your knowledge into courses, ebooks, videos, and training. People love growing, learning, and having access to exclusive resources. Remember to provide value in your content. When packaged and marketed correctly, this becomes an incredible way to earn passive income.

6. Build meaningful relationships

Your network is your net worth. Focus on building meaningful professional relationships in 2022 by networking and collaborating with brands and individuals that resonate with your brand's purpose. The goal of the collaboration is to attract more visibility to your business, bring in revenue, and of course, have a chance to build great relationships with businesses that are great resources to have.

7. Choose purpose over popularity

Since the pandemic hit, purpose has been at an all-time high. People no longer want to work where they feel unhappy, unfulfilled, and undervalued no matter how much money they are making in their current position.

According to Forbes, Specifically, 52% of purpose-driven companies experienced over 10% growth compared with 42% of non-purpose-driven companies. [1]

Therefore, focus on developing a purpose-driven business in 2022. If you're going to work hard for something, it might as well be towards something that you are passionate about.

Written by Lee Whetstone, Purpose Coach, Brand Strategist, and Magazine Owner

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