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Beauty Maven Tie Cooper connects purpose with beauty with her new line Beau Tie Cosmetics

Tie Cooper, Leading with Lee magazine

Celebrity beauty maven and entrepreneur Tie Cooper covers the 15th issue of Leading with Lee Magazine. Beau Tie Cosmetics is a new line of products with a keen focus on luxury and inclusion of all shades of beauty. Tie has worked with celebrities and has led events and national campaigns with some of the world's largest brands, such as Revlon, Nike, Bronner Brothers, and Crème of Nature, to name a few. Tie has always had a philanthropic arm when it comes to the beauty industry that has directed her path and led her to form a nonprofit 501c3 called the Hi Beau Tea Party (HBT). Proceeds from Beau Tie Cosmetics will be donated to HBT to help build all sides of beauty, which will add so much value to lives and the beauty industry. "My mission is to help women of color to discover their internal and external beauty," states Tie Cooper.

1. Welcome back Tie! What inspired you to create your cosmetic line Beau Tie Cosmetics?

My passion and need to change the beauty industry to be more inclusive of all women of color. I was essentially inspired by the lack of recognition in the past and present of black women when it comes to enhancing their diverse notes of beauty, so to pay tribute I birthed the cosmetics line so women can feel a sense of pride when flaunting their vibrant hues.

2. Why did you choose these particular three lipsticks to launch?

In an effort to pay tribute to women of color in our past, as I've always felt that women of color especially in "our" history have lacked true representation. So I curated the signature lipstick case collection with historical classic women of color icons in mind like Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Ross and Jospehine Baker. As our lipstick collection names are Dorothy Diamond, Jospehine Tangerine and Diana Rose Pink.

3. Are there any signature ingredients in your cosmetic line?

Yes our lip collection is an elegant and wonderfully comfortable formula enriched with moisture and Vitamin E, creaminess and a supremely melting satin like effect gives a lovely feeling of hydration and protection that is retained for hours.

Catch Tie's full interview in the below issue!

Leading with Lee magazine, Tie Cooper

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