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Brandy vs Monica: Two R&B Sisters Battle It Out in Another Verzuz Episode.

Brandy and Monica

The fans showed up for both Brandy and Monica in Atlanta on August 31, 2020 at Tyler Perry’s studios. Verzuz brought you another battle, but this one probably has the most history in the books. Both talented and with vocals like no other, it was just like a mini concert singing along with the track and having your own dance party in your living room as they were both pulling out the old school and new tunes. Twenty rounds and each bringing ultimate classics on the stage, Brandy kicked off the first half of the battle dropping gems such as ‘I Wanna be Down,’ ‘Best Friend,’ ‘Wildest Dreams,’ ‘Put that on Everything’

and other hot classics before throwing out one of her newest songs on her latest album ‘B7’ called ‘Borderline'. Brandy was always the poetic one and before they played the track ‘Best Friend’ she recited a poem for her brother Ray J and for another great track ‘Missing You’ that was dedicated to Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant. Both artists have paved the way with for lots of new R&B artists of today and by listening to these classic tunes will tell you a story of heartbreak, pain, and success.

Speaking of heartbreaks and relationships, Monica shared songs such as ‘So Gone,’ which is a fan favorite that talks about when Monica used to kick in doors from past heartbreaking relationships. As quoted, “I’m done kicking in doors” Monica said to her opponent. ‘Sideline Ho’ was another classic she pulled out the rabbit hat where both Monica and Brandy took terms harmonizing some of the lyrics of the song.

Photo by: Leading with Lee

What makes a great album and single are great beats and producers to add their flavor on it. They both had fire producers on their albums such as Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliot, Jermaine Durpree from Sosodef Records, Babyface, Dark Child and many more! But let us not forget other artists such as Usher, Ma$e, Chance Tha Rapper, Missy Elliot, and others that sung alongside of both talents. The one thing that made the battle surreal is the fact both artists can relate to one another within the tracks and real-life situations.

The fact that Brandy wanted to do a collaboration with Monica spoke volumes because it was more than a bond, but a friendship and sisterhood. Monica has vocal range and control while Brandy’s raspy voice has deep harmonies. Both women are phenomenal and epic when it comes to the music industry.

During the second half of the battle, Monica pulled out some fan favorites! It was hard to choose one favorite. ‘Don’t Take it personal (Just One of them days), ‘Why I Love You So Much,’ which Monica recorded at just the tender age of twelve and with vocals like that, she blew everyone away. ‘Knock Knock,’ ‘A Dozen Roses,’ ‘Like This and Like That,’ ‘Still Standing,’ and other great hits. Of course, we all know the long-standing duet ‘The Boy is Mine’ still have fans talking to this very day! Who can ever forget this sultry, sexy, and sassy song and duet? The three-hour battle went down memory lane to discovering how these two got into the music industry both starting at a very early age and sharing powerful tracks that will take you on a scroll back to the 90’s. Hearing their heartbreak stories and sharing

what each song means is a history lesson for the book of music.

Patrice Rivers is a 9x published author, freelance writer, Journalist, Podcaster and Owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand LLC. Learn more by visiting

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