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Braving Motherhood during COVID-19

One of the most well known holidays is Mother’s Day. It’s the time of the year where Moms all over receive the lovely hand-crafted greeting cards, hugs, kisses and coffee mugs. We love it. But this year, COVID-19, has brought about some updated nuances for motherhood. Most are used to the normal routine of early morning wake-ups, before-care drop offs, a long work day and then afternoon pick-ups.

However, most of us are now homeschool teachers, telework professionals and full-time chefs! Some unforeseen changes had to occur and we now have a new normal. In some homes, Moms have figured out a working schedule or routine. While for others, that may not be as simple. If you are struggling with your new normal, you aren’t alone. Here are some tips that may work in your favor.

Weigh it Out.

Using sticky notes, write down your parenting strengths and weaknesses. For example, you may be weaker in having your child perform household chores. You may be stronger in having your children play outside to get less screen time. Meet them in the middle and require a number of chores before outdoor play.


The current pandemic is new for most of us. Write down your experience in order to reflect on it at a later time. This isn’t just for Moms either. Encourage your whole family to write about this experience in their eyes.

Family Time.

It may sound cheesy for some but make family time a priority now. Whether you play card games, play board games or watch a movie together; it’s needed. Family time can also consist of a 15 minute family meeting to discuss your feelings, household duties and much more.

Make it Fun.

We are now personal chefs! It is what it is, LOL. Include your children in the task of cooking meals. It’s a win win situation. They learn a new life skill and cooking recipe; you receive help in the kitchen; and it’s more priceless quality time.

You’re not a Teacher.

Google Classroom is the new friend for us. Teachers provide assignments, deadlines and more for the students to complete. However, this is a new experience for all of us. Be patient with yourself. No one is expecting you to suddenly know an educational curriculum. Allow no more than 2 hours at a time for you and your child to work on assignments. Provide movement and family time breaks in between. Go Noodle is a wonderful, free tool on YouTube for young kids.

Give yourself some grace as you parent during this pandemic. Routines should be flexible. You should feel at ease to know that others may feel some awkwardness as well. Everyday is a new day to make changes and to make things happen.

Written by: Chaundra Scott - mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.

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