Bring Visibility To Your Brand With These 3 Steps!

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Guest Blog.

Guest blogging on someone else’s platform allows you to showcase your expertise on specific topics and events. As a result, this will validate who and what you are to a larger audience rather than your local market, especially if you are just starting out. Guest blogging increases brand exposure as well as create the opportunity to gain more authentic email subscribers and social media followers. In order to see a significant increase in exposure, I highly recommend that you guest blog on a particular outlet more than once or choose to write for more than one publication or blog site. Make sure to write for blog sites that has the same or similar target market that you would like to engage with.

If you would like to guest blog on submit your pitch here.

Become a Sponsor or Vendor at an Event.

One of the benefits of sponsoring or vending at an event is media exposure. Media exposure helps with brand awareness and can promote your product or service to new markets. If you are vending at an event, people will most likely approach your table with real interest in what you have to offer. At that point, it will be your job to sale yourself and close the deal. Just like guest blogging, sponsoring an event will give you the opportunity to increase your mailing list as well as social media following. Lastly, vending at events humanizes your brand. It gives potential customers a chance to meet you face to face, which in return will build trust between your business and the consumer.