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Brooklyn Native and Style Influencer Lawrence Henderson Talks Personal Branding and more!

If you are looking to learn about Brooklyn, NY culture, style, and fashion, look no further! Entrepreneur and style influencer Lawrence Henderson created the Brooklyn or Bust app which is a lifestyle brand encompassing fashion, events and Brooklyn vibes. After a series of successful events Lawrence decided to add a little Brooklyn flare to his brand by adding unique pieces of jewelry, hats, candles, and more; all picked to help people truly express themselves and make a statement when walking into a room.

Q. Welcome back Lawrence, the first time we interviewed you was three years ago in 2017. Let’s do a short recap. What was the inspiration behind starting the Brooklyn or Bust APP and what can people enjoy from it?

The inspiration behind starting the Brooklyn or Bust App was to come up with the concept of learning to work smarter, not harder; all while enlightening my peers. Enlightening my peers about a field that’s 1% dominated by the urban community.

Q. Since then, you have created the app into a lifestyle brand by adding pieces of jewelry and fashion. Why did you decide to take this route?

I decided to take this route because in the urban community we usually just come up with an idea and never have marketing dollars to execute the idea. So, I took this route to gain equity dollars to start a brand. To add equity that would bring me capital.

Lawrence Henderson covers Leading with Lee's 11th issue! Read his full interview with us here.

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