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Coach Randy Is Living In His Truth & Aligning His Destiny

In 2014 Coach Randy commenced his voyage of becoming a “truth coach”. By mere definition, a truth coach is a vessel that assists individuals to acknowledge and vanquish the elements in life that create self-inflicted mental illness. As a coach, his mission is to pilot others in living in true authenticity; their personal TRUTH. One can gain clarity of living in their authenticity by detaching from illusions embedded in one's mind. When one lives in truth, all other areas of life will fall into place.

According to Coach Randy, truth coaching is not just a career, it's his purpose. In the past, the coach himself fell victim to living in a facade of his past experiences; because that is where he was the most comfortable. Consistently residing in the past that no longer served his present the esteemed coach unearthed the feelings of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. In which, the lie was contributing to his stagnation and mental anguish.

Here's our conversation with him.

Q. Why do you think it’s important for people to live in their truth?

When people live within their truth they have decided to break the norms that exist and live within their zone. These norms can create a mindset surrounded by how one may think they should live instead of living how one wants to live. Now I am not saying that there are not people who are more than happy with the 'norm' lifestyle and have no problem finishing their journey within those parameters. But what about those that are just not happy with where their life is at this moment. The most powerful day for that person will be when he or she says I am going to live the life I want and not the life I should be living and what others think I should be living. The importance of this day lies in the empowerment that comes in the form of control of life, destiny, and happiness.

Q. What’s your unique superpower? How are you different from other life coaches?

My superpower is understanding that each individual deserves to be heard regardless of the circumstances without bias because by allowing that privilege you will receive the information needed to help that individual face and hopefully move past the transgressions no matter the final results. I can't help someone on the premise of saving someone else because that puzzle will still have a broken piece. Each individual deserves to be as fixed as possible before being implemented into any scenario. I don't believe in saving others and sacrificing myself and I will never expect someone to make that sacrifice. Everyone needs to be at peace with themselves and find a way to stop pointing fingers and blaming and be okay with possible separation or new direction. We only get one life to live but scenarios and relationships will come and go so I say do it by being as happy with yourself as possible. Doing it this way creates a higher possibility for happiness because you leave nothing for chance. I think any person going into a situation without secrets has a higher probability of success.

Q. Can you tell us about the S.I.M.S Approach and how clients can benefit from it?






Once a person gets his or her story out and can do it with complete honesty and truth, no matter how hard it may be, then the journey to true self-empowerment and growth can start. Now that we have the story out, we can dissect and recognize the issues or problems and begin to find ways to create solutions. Now, the implementation process begins with tools, homework, and exercises to help with the sifting and sorting needed to find the solutions to these issues. This part can be one of the hardest things to ever happen in one’s life but we as a people subconsciously find ourselves living for everyone but ourselves and regardless of how it may look or feel to everyone else each person on this earth deserves to be selfish enough to want to be happy for his or herself without the guilt of outside influence no matter what that looks like. The manifestation process is important because this is when you implement your solutions and create a lifestyle change for positive results within your truth and happiness and without regret. Now one can become the best version of self at the highest level attainable and begin to see how much higher one can go. Show and Tell is all about self-reflection with the coach and allowing the coach to be present for support if some fears or doubts need to be addressed and faced. Ultimately the goal regardless of the direction the client takes within this personal journey is to learn the importance of living in one’s truth and to implement that true way of living. Living a life fulfilled is important and everyone deserves to leave as little on the table if anything when it is all said and done.

Q. Are you living in your purpose? Coaching is my purpose. I am a product of change and I am blessed to live my best life every day with those that accept me for me without judgment. No one is perfect, so flaws come with the territory so to be involved with those that understand this is important. Life is always a work in progress and adjustments will be made daily. So yes, to have the opportunity with each individual I coach to help him or her find their truth and live a fulfilled life without regret is my purpose.

Q. What does success mean to you?


  • Never neglect my family for work which means understanding the value of time.

  • Daily progress in every facet of life.

  • Having the ability to know when to set ego aside to prove a point and miss an opportunity.

  • Reaching a goal no matter the size.

  • Residual customers.

  • Smiles.

  • Never being satisfied with the last success story.

Success to me is so much more than money. I need all of the components of life to be working together for happiness.

Interview by Leading with Lee

Public Relations: Pilar Scratch

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