Discovering How Motivation + Drive Leads to Purpose

As a child Wes Watkins had a love for music. At the early age of eight he even had the opportunity to play with the Gospel great, Richard Smallwood. From there he quickly went from playing in church to venturing out into the world of Hip Hop, Go-Go, R & B and more. He has even shared the stage with various music artists such as Travis Greene, Koryn Hawthorne, Marcus Johnson, Ryan Leslie and Backyard Band. His stage presence was at an all time high however he felt that something else was off.

After feeling like he had no purpose, multi-talented musician Wes Watkins became inspired to pen his second acclaimed novel. “I thought I didn't have purpose because I had no identity of who I was or who I was created to be,” recalls Wes. “Not having an identity made me lack vision on how to operate in my purpose and see what my purpose was,” he continues. He’s the lead musician and musical director of the R & B group, Got My Own Sound. Their musical blend is soul stirring and a DMV favorite. Despite having stardom he still faced personal challenges. His second book titled: Motivation + Drive = Purpose portrays his journey to living his best life.

Wes is setting the stage for his readers to gain an identity as they envision their purpose. “The intended message behind Motivation+Drive=Purpose is to do whatever it takes to get to your Purpose. Your purpose has value, often people don't see the value in their purpose because they lack the Motivation and Drive to get to their purpose,” states Watkins.My audience should know my main goal is to help impact lives and inspire someone to be the best version of themselves while never settling for anything that you don't want,” continues Wes.