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Drop Everything and Read with India Lindsey

India Lindsey of The Write Touch, LLC is making her boss millennial mark around the world. She successfully offers writing services and is an acclaimed author. It’s safe to say that she is a boss in her own right. As a child she loved to read. By age 14, India would read 400 books a year. Books became an escapism for many things that young India endured.

After attending college she was determined to write a novel of her own. At age 24, she spent her last $600 to take a course on writing and book publishing. The course helped to launch her career in literature and writing. After college she had a short-lived career as a Marketing Director. However, being laid off right before the holidays forced India to make a life-changing career shift. That shift birthed her full-time business of The Write Touch, LLC.

Her current writing services include resume writing, ghostwriting for authors, academic writing & editing, creative writing and more. She has also written several novels and self-help journals. India is currently working on a sequel to her first novel, Revenge. The new novel will be titled: Retribution. India prides herself on connecting on a deep level with her consumers. She excels at providing premium customer service, a lasting business relationship and also an outstanding experience.

India Lindsey strives to be an innovator in many ways. She fully understands her client’s needs before they do. She is creating a lane of her own, one word at a time. All of her amazing books are available on Amazon. All writing services can be purchased online at

Follow India on Facebook @GetTheWriteTouch and by email at

Written by: Chaundra Scott - mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.

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