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Falling Into a New Season

Tis the season for sudden changes, new business ventures, letting business go, starting a podcast, or writing your memoir finally after talking about it for the last five years. As the new season approaches, let's all be mindful that whatever changes you decide to make, make sure that is certainly what you want to do. A lot of times people will decide to get rid of a bad habit and six months later, they go right back to it. What's going in the trash, let it stay in the trash for good! This whole pandemic has taught a lot of people that they can create and be creative all at the same time to create an extra income for either themselves or their family. Yet the struggle can be real at times, your dreams and visions are like a breath of fresh air waiting for you to ignite your new gift.

The one thing that you might want to consider before leveling up this season is to meditate and renew your mind and spirit for what is about to embark on your life. Are you starting a brand new business or writing a book? Whatever it is that you decide to do in the new season, make sure you are passionate about it. Setting goals is another way to stay focused and balanced in the new season. What ways are you keeping track of your goals? Here are some great ways of making sure your goals get achieved!

1) Set goals that will motivate or inspire you.

We all have something that motivates us, so why not use those visual thoughts and knock out our goals?! You can do it!

2) Be specific when writing/naming your goals!

Visualize what you want to achieve, what you want to accomplish. Painting a clear picture in your head always helps as well.

3) Set time limits.

Listing down all your goals is great and all, but if you don’t have a specific time that you would like it to be done by, what good will that do? Are these long-term goals or short-term goals? Once you figure that part out, write down a date that corresponds to each goal.

4) Action is better than words!

Fall through with your goals by taking some real-live action. You got this! Network with some people that have experience in the business world, get some feedback from your friends or family on what you are trying to do, and don't forget to keep focused through the new season.

Once you discover what it is you want to do in the new season, it’s time to get to work and get busy. Even though the year is coming to an end, it’s never too late to start a new chapter in your life. As you fall into the new season, believe that you can do it and that whatever you want to do will work in God’s favor!

Patrice Rivers is a 9x published author, freelance writer, journalist, and owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand LLC. Learn more by visiting her website at

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