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Find Out How This Recording Artist and Vocalist Landed Her Very Own Show On Lifetime TV

Temmora is a recording artist, vocalist, and the Founder of Arommet Academy, an artist development school for children ages 5 to 17 years old. Temoora recently land her very own show on Lifetime TV called "Ms. T's Music Factory" in which she teaches children ages 7 to 17 hoe to sing, dance, and model. Temmora grew up in Memphis, TN as a foster child who was drawn to music. It gave her relief from the bullying, lack of family, and low self-esteem she experienced, and music quickly became a permanent part of her life. She released tracks including "Talk to Me" and "Any Other Girl" but left performance behind to raise her four children and develop her daughters' vocal group Karma. She created and booked Karma's "What Goes Around Comes Around" Stop The Bullying School Tour, which visited over 1000 schools in four years. It was a live concert play on wheels that lit up the faces of the kids watching and listening, many of whom had never seen a live show before.

Read her exclusive success story below.

Q. We first would like to jump into your show on Lifetime TV called “Ms. T's Music Factory” Can you tell us how did you secure it and what your experience has been since filming?

I would like to believe that I Dreamed, Believed & Achieved it!... I’m a foster child and when I was in Forster care on good and bad days especially the bad ones I use to cry and scream out saying “ Yall will see one day I’m going to be on TV and be famous and EVERYONE will know my name” I honestly believed that in my heart I was somebody placed in a world to be great. I never believed this was impossible so coming from absolutely nothing I have always wanted to be something and always had something to prove to my family that did not want me. I started off singing in local talent shows for money to feed my son... which is where I met my now husband of 25 years. He was a judge at one of those competitions which happened to be in a`resident school at the time. He was studying to become a physician. He approached me after one of the competitions and asked if I had management.  Fast forward, he became my manager and invested everything into me becoming a star. For a while, I thought so many times I was on my way but every time we got a lead we were used and lied to so it became so draining. 

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