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Former NBA player C.J. Watson releases his second children's book

C.J. Watson, Leading with Lee

Former NBA player C.J. Watson has been very busy with life after the NBA. Releasing his first children's book last year "CJ's Big Dream" and his second onerecently "CJ's Big Project", Watson has joined the world of entrepreneurship by promoting better eating with his new healthy vending machines. "More Love Within Healthy Vending." Check out his exclusive interview with us as he covers our thirteenth issue

Q. C.J. thanks for stopping by to chat with us. We would first like to know about your transition from being a professional NBA basketball player to now author? 

The transition has been different. I kind of already knew my playing days were near so I tried to prepare for it but you cant really. I had an idea that I wanted to inspire kids through books but didn’t really know how to make that plan come to reality. But thankfully I had a former coach who wrote a book and he introduced me to the lady who helped me bring the plan into motion and the rest they say is history. 

Q. We know that "CJ's Big Dream" and  "CJ's Big Project" were written to motivate children. Are these books inspired by your own personal story? 

Yes these are my own true stories. I didn’t want to tell a false story. I feel like kids will believe it more when they know it has happened to you. I want them to know they are not in it alone and that I have felt the same emotions as a kid growing up. 

Q. Let's switch gears. Do you miss playing in the league and also what were your greatest experiences?

Definitely miss playing the game. The competitiveness, hanging around with the guys, traveling and exploring different cities. My greatest experiences was going to the eastern conference finals a few times. Theres nothing like playing deep into the playoffs and getting a chance to be one of the last four teams playing and all eyes are on you playing to get into the finals.

Q. Which team was your favorite to play with? 

Chicago Bulls. I loved the city of Chicago. The food was amazing. We had the best record in the NBA for two years straight. We had a MVP player leading us, a great coach. Everyone on the team knew their role and did it with no egos. We just ran into a guy named Lebron James one year in the playoffs and the next year we had a lot of injuries. But I think we were destined to win a championship if those things didn’t happen. 

Catch C.J. Watson's full exclusive interview in the below issue! Click here.

Leading with Lee magazine, C.J. Watson

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