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Here Are 5 Money Making Auto-Systems to Incorporate Into Your Brand

SYSTEMS is not a dirty word.

Systems are what make businesses grow, flow, and sell. Having the right systems in your business will increase sales, brand longevity, and place you ahead of your competitors.

There are many types of systems to choose from. There are automated systems, financial systems, customer development systems, management systems, product marketing systems, and more. In this article, we are going to focus on automated systems.

Some of the automated and digital systems I use are:

1. Acuity

This is a scheduling app that allows me to schedule appointments, receive payments, and intake forms online.

2. Planoly

Time is money and if there's an app that can help me save time on social media, then this is it. I can auto-post my content on Instagram and Facebook any time I want.

3. Kajabi

You can create courses, monthly memberships, subscriptions, and websites with Kajabi. I use it for my Club Purpose membership and e-course. It's been a great source of passive income for my business.

4. Canva

I use Canva to create graphics and content for social media. I also use this app to design Leading with Lee's print issues.