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How to Pivot Instead of Pausing During Uncertain Times

Our new normal has forced us to re-evaluate our lives. Our daily practices, home life, profession and more all are transforming before our eyes. However, perspective is key. If you look at the current quarantine as an opportunity then you can have several positive outlooks. There is power in the pause! For most professionals the daily hustle and bustle is very demanding.

Now that most are working from home they have the opportunity to manifest some dreams, have more family time, enjoy the home life that they work so hard for and much more. I understand that this time has created unemployment for some. However, it’s all in how you view it. For me, this pause has allowed me to dive deeper into my creative space. I would have never had this amount of time in my home to sit, think and actively do, had it not been for the quarantine.

In order to enjoy the power in your pivot, consider these items:

  • Be flexible and willing to adjust. Nothing is the same and you must adapt to your new surroundings with open arms.

  • Explore new opportunities. You may not be tech savvy but Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams are going to be some of your new best friends. Don’t shy from it, embrace it.

  • Finish your outstanding projects. Whether it’s that book manuscript, craft idea or new recipes; get it done. There is literally no time like the present. Use it to your advantage.

  • Make new connections. Join new social media groups, extend some positivity to a co-worker or even call an old friend. Now is the time to build relationships.

  • Strategize. If you’re an entrepreneur, think of new ways to reach your consumers. Community events are postponed and some inventory shipping may be delayed but your business shouldn’t stop there. Pivot your platform to meet the needs of your consumers.

  • Pivot, don’t pause. That’s right, the days ahead may frustrate some but do not pause or stop. Never give up.Always continue striving forward to manifest your dreams, career moves and more.

Use this time to re-evaluate your circumstances to align your life for the better. Prayerfully this pandemic will end soon. You should come out on top with a new outlook. This pandemic can be both a blessing and a lesson for growth.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur. Follow her on Instagram as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife.

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