How To Read Between the Lines to Pivot to Success

Many writers are trying to pivot during this quarantine. Working on your writing skill set is one main way to pivot towards success. Read Between the Lines allows writers to hone in on their craft, format their story ideas, organize their strategy for marketing plans; and much more.

Chaundra is hoping to assist more writers by also instilling the value of making connections, improving writing skills and using available resources. Not only does her new book assist in writing skills but it covers how to use available resources such as social media. It also includes ways in which an author can successfully market their projects using tools right at their fingertips. Read Between the Lines is not only for aspiring authors.

Read Between the Lines is suitable for current authors, freelance writers and bloggers. All writers share similar writing goals of being heard and this guided journal is a benefit for all. Self published children’s book author, Chaundra Scott, is on a mission to assist writers. She is urging writers to Read Between the Lines using her new guided journal. Scott had many challenges during her self publishing journey and hopes to help other writers overcome any obstacles. Her journal is set to provide reflection, insight and working knowledge for growth.