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Introducing The Premiere Selfie Museum “Gurl Mobb Museum” In The Heart Of Atlanta

This summer we’re outside! Everyone is anxious to explore new adventures in their communities and beyond. The recent opening of the “Gurl Mobb Museum” is a great exploration for content curation and fun. The museum was founded by the marketing guru known as Mary Seats but also known as Mz. Skittlez. Next to being ‘outside’, having the perfect selfie ranks in the top 10 of most people. So opening this museum in the heart of Atlanta, GA was a no brainer.

The Gurl Mobb Museum serves as a safe space for everyday creation of exclusive content, new business ideas, dope gear or even a simple selfie. Mz. Skittlez has a proven track record of driving revenue using out of the box marketing strategies. Her celebrity clientele has included Tamar Braxton, B. Simone, Missy Elliott and hundreds more. Mz. Skittlez started her first business years ago with only $300 so she knows firsthand about risking everything for business.

Her success as a millionaire has also led to her Gurl Mobb University that encourages other female bosses to take control of their brands using pivotal tactics.

"I created Gurl Mobb to unite female content-creators together all over the world. I believe we all have something to learn from the next person, so I'm not looking to just motivate you, but to give you the resources you need for success,” Mary adds. “When it comes to Gurl Mobb Museum, I saw the lack of creative spaces in Atlanta and I just had to do something about that. I wanted to empower women to connect and create together," she says. Located at 2115 Piedmont Rd, NE in suite 1202 of the Optimist Lofts, tickets are available by reservation. The museum is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11 AM to 9 PM; and also 11 AM - 6 PM on Sundays. Follow their Instagram page here and visit their website here.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, literacy advocate, social worker and more. Connect with her on Instagram and Clubhouse as @curls_coils.


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