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Is Everyone an Empath Now? Spiritual and Transformational Coach Denay Dominic Has the Answer

Denay Dominic is your healer’s healer. Through her business, Denay Dominic Enterprises, the spiritual and transformation coach, provides digital content publishing, online courses, and life coaching programs that act as a catalyst for personal empowerment. The company's mission is to provide tools that empower black women to ignite their dreams, unleash their potential, and fulfill their purpose.

In 2014 Denay Dominic found herself seeking spiritual enlightenment and began the process to discover her life purpose. She discovered that she had many passions to share when she created the blog My Divine Beauty Obsession. This blog celebrates the health, wellness, and beauty of Black women by providing articles that promote healthy relationships with the physical self.

The Hampton alum and mental health advocate is passionate about helping women become better versions of themselves. By using groundbreaking life coaching strategies, intuitive and empathic gifts, and subtle energy techniques. Denay guides her clients to happier, healthier lives.

Q: How was your journey to discovering your purpose? And what made you decide to uncover it?

The journey itself was gratifying. Once I accepted and understood the process of a spiritual awakening, I was then able to know that my experiences during my entire life were real. And since the experiences were real than that also meant that I was not insane or allowing my imagination to run wild. This empowered me to live my life for myself.

Q: What steps did you take to launch your coaching business?

I first earned my coaching certification. Then I took a course on how to start a business for Life Coaches and Entrepreneurs in the Healing Arts.

Q: What type of services does your Denay Nicole Coaching provide and who benefits from it?

I offer several programs such as Life Transformation Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Coaching, Law of Attraction Coaching, and Goal Success Coaching. Each program will guide the client through the steps to take dominion over their lives and allow them to become their best self.