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Life After Her Sins Are Forgiven

The Bureau of Justice reported that the number of incarcerated women increased by more than 750% between 1980 and 2017. Although there are more men in prison than women, the rate of growth for female imprisonment has been twice as high (The Sentencing Project 2019). Given these statistics, what services are available for women as they re-enter society? Breona Larmore was given a vision by God while trying to find her purpose. She turned her love of helping people and interests in the criminal justice system into a non-profit organization called Her Sins are Forgiven, Inc.

This boss millennial is striving to change the lives of women who once faced incarceration. According to Breona Larmore, her mission is “to encourage women to live productive and fulfilling lives. We will provide the resources needed to obtain an ideal quality of life outside of prison walls. We believe that when we increase the chance of success, we decrease the likelihood of regrets”. Her vision is to provide women with the “Yes I Can!” attitude towards empowerment, success and independence that some lack as they return to their communities.

Larmore is striving to provide women with the necessary resources as they transition back into society. Such resources and services include but are not limited to: crisis counseling, job readiness, GED tutoring, support groups and transportation assistance. Partnerships are one of her keys to success. Breona welcomes partnerships from other organizations or service providers that offer an area of expertise that she may not. Her goal is to allow all women the opportunity to serve, build and heal. Larmore wants every woman re-entering society to feel wanted, forgiven and needed among her community. There is a negative stigma but Her Sins are Forgiven strive to change that narrative.

To contact, volunteer or support you may visit You may also follow Breona and her organization on all social media platforms as @hersinsareforgiveninc. For more statistics and news about criminal justice reform please visit The Sentencing Project at:

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.

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