Lillie Mae from the Netflix Series "Love is Blind" covers the 17th issue of Leading with Lee

Lillie Mae from the Netflix Series "Love is Blind" covers the 17th issue of Leading with Lee. As a Public Relations Strategist and Creator of the Glambitious Brand, Lillie Mae has dedicated her efforts to empowering, recognizing and supporting entrepreneurs of all facets around the country. From London to Nigeria, she has connected with women through books, masterclasses and innovative events, to provide them with unique resources that will elevate them professionally and personally. She's created a hub at www.TheGlamCEO.comspecifically for entrepreneurs to secure exposure opportunities and educational tools that will help them accomplish their dreams.

What was the inspiration behind starting GlambitousIAM?

After several years as an entrepreneur, I wanted to create a platform that would help other women visionaries profit from their passions and achieve the recognition they deserve as an expert in their industry. has become the Amazon for women business owners and offers a number of profitable programs, media services, business books and event speaking opportunities.

How did you get started? What steps did you take to launch your business?

Before Glambitious was created, I started a boutique PR Agency, Lillie Mae PR in Atlanta and this is where I learned a lot about operating a successful business. The first steps in launching the Glambitious brand were, getting a website, building a strong social media following and hosting live events. Next, I started to add courses, Ebooks and other impactful items to