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Looking For A Black Owned Tech Company? Look No Further

“When you think engineer, you normally don’t think or see black guy” Those are words from Mario Johnson, a businessman that has lead a career in tech only to establish his own firm in a field that is among the fastest growing industries around: technology. With years of experience, Mario has seen the rise of networks like email and web-page design soar into multi-billion entities. While “blerd” may be a common moniker for black men in tech, this man of Alpha Phi Alpha is bringing a cool factor that includes each one teach one principles in essences. MJI IT Solutions LLC is a three-headed animal that provides tech services that covers all problems your business may face. I was able to catch up with the man and have a conversation that covered his journey through the tech world and were he wants to go from here.

Mario Johnson

1. So just to start, how have you gotten to where you are now?

Computer and system engineering. I worked at the medical center at the Ohio state University where I was a backup server engineer and redesigned their backup design. I Worked for Sprint, when it was just one Sprint building. Engineered for them, corporate email to be specific. Then broke off and went with what became Brighthouse,

which was the turning point for my career, because I was the domain manager; which means I was able to do everything under sun in a sense. Worked in the IT department at JP Morgan. Then I got into independent contracting.

2. What did being an independent contractor teach you?

It taught me the greatness of working for myself. It pays more for sure!

3. What kind of contracting did you do?

Well I contracted with Sears, Lowes Home Improvement by redesigning their networks. Did the virtual network for a construction company.

4. So working with these companies, you are essentially giving these companies new legs, right?

Pretty much…yeah. It actually translate to what I do now with MJI-IT Solutions.

5. Cool, tell me more about it!

Well that is more of the consultant side of things. See, there are many compani