Meet Mompreneur Nicole Jennings, Founder of Purgasm Shop

Nicole Jennings is the founder of Purgasm Shop, a handmade beauty brand with a mission to create bespoke beauty products and inspire women to create their own sacred self-care rituals at home. As a mother, corporate leader, esthetics student, and beautypreneur, she wears many hats and is finding a way to balance them all by living in her purpose.

Q. What was the inspiration behind starting Purgasm Shop?

In a nutshell, it was my fascination with natural ingredients and beauty rituals. I started Purgasm Shop as a creative outlet and a way to share my love of product making. Growing up, I was surrounded by creativity and a reverence for nature, herbs, plant medicines, etc. I recall my mom always making herbal concoctions to heal me when I was sick and my dad loved teaching me about the uses of different plants that grew wild where we lived. When I was about 12 and getting pre-teen acne, my dad bought me a cup of clay dirt from one of his travels (he was a musician) and told me that