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Nancy "Mama" Jones Covers the 19th Issue of LWL Magazine

Nancy "Mama" Jones covers the Spring Mompreneur issue of Leading with Lee. Nancy "Mama" Jones is a mother, businesswoman, youth advocate and mentor. Anyone who meets Nancy "Mama" Jones immediately recognizes that she is an unapologetic optimist, and a woman whose passion for her family and success is stamped on every page of her life. Born and raised in Manhattan, NY- from the streets of Harlem, this inspiring "real" woman has faced many challenges as a mother of six successful girls and mega rap star son Jim Jones to make it to where she is today. Nancy “Mama” Jones was inspired by the world of fashion since she was a child. She attended and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with dreams of starting her own clothing line some day. She started her first Couture denim line, Gettoe Momz and Gettoe Paz was founded in the early 2000’ and became a popular underground fashion success. Shortly after, with the help from her celebrity son, Jim Jones, Mama Jones secured and financed her first national clothing line, Nostic. Nostic became an instant success in retail department stores across America and appeared in music videos, print ads, and magazines (Complex, The Source, Spanglish, and XXL).

In 2010, Mama Jones moved into the reality TV world in Season 1 & 2 of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. She brought a feisty but loving realness to the show and instantly became a fan favorite. She later on appeared on her son's spin off family show Chrissy & Mr. Jones on VH1.

Q, How has life been for you since the pandemic?

My life subsequent to the pandemic has been amazing. I always make big meals for my family on Sundays and during the pandemic I started to go live on my Instagram and my followers loved it. So out of the pandemic I created #SoulfulSundays . As well we just started back filming my show “Cheers To Harlem”. It's amazing to be back in my element. Following the pandemic of 2020 it has made me appreciate the art of my brand. As well, being able to express myself creatively through cooking and interviewing. Highlighting my family and passions always make me very happy.

To read Mama Jones full exclusive interview, grab your copy of the Spring Mompreneur issue here.

Interview by: Chaundra Scott

PR: Pilar Scratch

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