Simple Self-Care Solutions to Pamper Yourself During a Pandemic

I think most people would agree that the pandemic has presented unprecedented

barriers. Yet, we are all trying to practice social distancing to slow down the spread of

coronavirus and the stress from experiencing unemployment at an exponential rate.

The Coronavirus has seemingly turned the world upside down overnight. It’s so stressful

not having the ability to see friends, family, or leave the house. The severe nature of this

pandemic weighs heavily on all of us. One thing for sure is that self-care is even more

critical now than ever.

Self-care strategies alleviate and provide a sort of stress relief. While also out of safety

concerns, we have been utilizing face masks and additional baths per day to assist with

stress relief. These precautious steps can be helpful with mood elevation and

maintaining a positive outlook.

Self-care can be as small as burning an aromatherapy candle or taking a walk. Self-

care with DéJa Vu Skin Care will provide hydration for your skin and elevate your daily