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TV Personality and Motivational Speaker Deedria Chauntee Talks Purpose, Success & More

Deedria Chauntee is an educator, producer, television personality, motivational speaker, visionary and more. This multi-faceted Atlanta-based entrepreneur crosses state lines spreading inspiration through a purposefully driven operation. She's a Virginia native who pursued and crafted her talents at Flair Beauty Institute in Petersburgh, Va., and received a degree in cosmetology. Shortly thereafter, she opened her first salon and a string of successful beauty businesses in the area. Deedria relocated in 2007 to Georgia on a request for a divine purpose and quickly began to flourish and discover her calling to mentor and empower. She's also a Pastor at the GEM Project Church which is a movement through spirit-led empowerment sessions, community outreach, adult education courses, and by combining the basic principles of Christ's to inspire and empower a brighter light to shine within us all.

Q. What inspired you to become a Pastor?

A Pastor tends to sheep and helps them get to their next level. I love all people and I feel like people don’t know how powerful they are in God’s Word!

Q. You’re a Pastor at GEM Project Church. Can you tell us about the church and who’s it for?

The Greater Empowerment Movement is an amazing ministry for all people. It’s more than a church. The GEM Project Church is a movement that through spirit-led empowerment sessions, community outreach, adult education courses, and by combining the basic principles of Christ’s to inspire and empower a brighter light to shine within us all.

GEM is rooted in the stories of the Bible and believes worship is something that can be expressed in everything we do. Our philosophy is founded on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Q. What inspired you to take your message beyond Atlanta?

Atlanta is so powerful, there are so many amazingly powerful gifted women here. However we rarely share information, we rarely uplift one another and I truly feel it’s time to share Atlanta’s Gifting with the WORLD!

Q. At what point in your life did you decide to discover and walk in your purpose?

I knew I could no longer sit on my purpose when GOD began to send people to me that needed the gifts I had. When I saw the lives changed it inspired my to keep moving forward.

Q. Sometimes motivation isn’t enough. How do you empower and educate others on the importance of purpose and why it’s more important than motivation at times?

Empowerment is simply helping people understand who they are and the power they possess. So I take them back to the word of GOD who looks at us based upon our hearts and not our mistakes or mishaps. It’s difficult to motivate someone who does not believe in themselves. If they never feel worthy, how could they see the dreams as attainable? So for me empowerment motivation and accountability go hand in hand.

Q. In addition to changing lives with your inspiring message, you are also a TV personality. Let’s chat about your television experience.

I started in radio actually in 2017 and evolved to TV! Our show Unleashed TV actually features every day people who are doing extraordinary things in the area of business and community. This show is committed to having the tough conversations, and share the light of GOD with all.

Q. Are there any other works and projects we should look out for?

The Essence of a Woman tour is fast approaching 09/11/2021. Our production of Daddy’s Home but My Husband Aint will be touring in November of 2021. Also, the Unleashed Talk Show will be returning in October, 2021.

Q. What does success mean to you?

Success to me is when your life aligns purpose and position. God does not do anything just because. So when he created us we were created with purpose and gifted to execute the purpose. Yet we have to position our lives to utilize our gifts to flow toward purpose. Many people are purposes for entrepreneurship but are positioned in dead in jobs.

Q. What advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Faith with our works is Dead! Believe GOD for the vision then work the plan. Church oftentimes gives you the tool of Prayer which is Powerful but then what. You must work your faith!

Connect with Deedria!

More info here: IG @pastordeedriachauntee

church website @gemchurchatl

PR: Tammy Reese

Photo Credit: @azustudios

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