Using the 5 Love Languages in Your Business

Dr. Gary Chapman discovered the groundbreaking concept of the 5 Love Languages. They are: Words of Affirmation; Acts of Service; Receiving Gifts; Quality Time; and Physical Touch.  Many use these in the relationship world to help guide them while dating and/or being in a committed relationship.  But have you ever thought about applying these love languages to your business?  You’re in love with your business, right?  It’s your passion and dream, right?  Then why not nourish it as you would in a dating relationship?

I found in my singleness that acknowledging these languages create more intentional connections for me.  So I thought about how this can also transition into the world of business.  So here it goes:

Words of Affirmation:  It’s amazing to hear bae say encouraging words to you.  But you can also do this yourself in your business.  Whether you write the affirmations on sticky notes, canvases, have it framed or etc; write out your business affirmations and say them out loud daily.  Some of my favorite business affirmations are:  “Money flows to me naturally.”; “I attract positive collaborations and revenue.”; and “There is an opportunity in everything that I come in contact with.”

Acts of Service:  Your business deserves acts of service too.  Show your love for your business by ordering more business cards, updating your website, enhancing your email marketing services or even updating your social media pages with new, professional media templates.  Show your business that you love it and others will see/feel the same love.  If your audience sees that you put a lot of effort or acts of service into your business, then that will attract them to you.