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Wine Down with the Manners and Merlot Mogul, Tierra Hucke

Tierra Hucke is a lifestyle and wine blogger for her brand, Manners and Merlot. Based out of Northern Virginia, Tierra shares her wine down moments, wine pairings and rules of etiquette through her unique writing. Her wine interest was sparked back in 2010. “I visited a winery with my boyfriend and I really liked the various flavors and processes discussed in making wine. It's really an art and a science. It's messy and beautiful at the same time,” recalls Tierra. Tierra also recalls that her friends would constantly inquire about wine choices, wine pairings and etiquette rules; so she took the leap of compiling her knowledge into Manners and Manners.

When selecting a wine, Tierra has 5 handy facts to keep in mind. For her, once she determines whether or not she wants a red wine or white wine, she notes these factors to complete her purchase:

  1. How pretty is the bottle? Similar to the dating world, looks attract people first when looking at wine choices. Visual items such as the bottle shape, labels, name choice, etc all play a part.

  2. Is it sweet or dry? Consider whether or not you want a fruity taste or dry appeal.

  3. What is the cost? That’s right, don’t go breaking the bank if you only have a few dollars to spare. Consider the cost, especially if it’s a new wine that you may not care for afterwards.

  4. What is the wine pairing? Consider if it will be paired with certain appetizers, entrees or if it will be enjoyed by itself.

  5. Who am I sharing the wine with? Whether dinner for two, girls night in or a bad day at work; consider how much will be needed.

Manners and Merlot is also bridging the gap between wine and the Black culture. Tierra is taking her old and new knowledge of wine to share with her diverse network of girlfriends. She is also going beyond the stereotype of minorities wanting sweet wines and finding a variety of options that various wineries are offering for different taste pallets. Tierra is currently working on hosting wine dinners in her area. Wine dinners are her perfect opportunity to try new recipes and share new wines with her friends. Visit the Manners and Merlot blog at: To connect with Tierra Hucke please follow her on Facebook as @Manners&Merlot and also on Instagram as @mannersandmerlot.

Writer, Chaundra Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.

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