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Your Book! Your Business!

When publishing a book, do you automatically think about turning it into your brand? Well, a lot of authors who have other small businesses as well as turn their gift of writing into a brand! Every book may not be something you want to invest in within your brand, but there is that 'one' book you definitely want people to know and talk about! Your book can be the educational tool that other people have been waiting on, but in order to ignite that engine, one must think like a boss that they are! An example of how your book can become your business/brand is simply this! You write a children's book about Sickle Cell Disease or Mental Health Awareness, this is already an educational tool because you are not only writing for your targeted audience, but you will be educating people about what SCD and mental health is and why it is important.

Here are some ways that you can turn your book into your business/brand:

1. Research! Before you write your book whether it is about depression, mental awareness, sickle cell disease, or even pain and trauma, look at other authors who have written on these same topics. If you are able to read one of the books, please do so by downloading it if you are able to and observe what they talk about and if they give some resources in the book as well.

2. Create an outline! Outlines are the best and organized way of writing a great book! We all learned this technique back in college when writing essays. It's a great tool to know and learn when writing. You already know what the book is going to be about, but having it organized so that readers can easily understand it really helps and keeps the focus within your story.

3. Ask yourself "Why should readers purchase and read my book?" Asking this question gives you the clarity to know the whole purpose of why you should write your book in the first place. I will give you a great example of why I started my children's book series called 'Come Learn with Patricia.' A lot of people don't know or never heard of Sickle Cell Disease and in my children's books, I want people to become aware and educated on what SCD really is and who it affects. The books are both based on my personal journey living with the disease. So it answers the question of Why readers should purchase and read my book.

4. Get involved in panel discussions! This is a great way to get your book and brand out there! If you are writing on a topic that is important, being a part of a panel discussion can really help you get the word out.

5. Collaborate with some good brands! A lot of entrepreneurs are always creating events on how to get the word out about their business. Sometimes some of those brands or businesses are looking for speakers for their events or a book anthology on various topics. Reach out and start networking!

Now that you have gotten some great tips on how to turn your book into your brand/businesses, get to werk! Like the phrase goes, "Everyone has a story inside of them!" Go find that story and write it. You never know when someone is wanting to collaborate with you on projects, events, or even be a part of different networking opportunities. As entrepreneurs and business owners, it is important to network and reach out to people.

Patrice Rivers is a 9x author, freelance writer, journalist, and Creator of That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC. Learn more by visiting

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