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10 Boss Millennials That You Should Get To Know!

For the last five years, Leading with Lee Magazine had the pleasure of successfully creating a platform for emerging and seasoned Boss Millennials to connect, build, and grow through storytelling (interviews), resources, and tools. Today, we highlight some of our favorite influential boss millennials that you should get to know and do business with.

Genya Evans is the proud CEO of The Pen2Pad Agency, LLC. “Where we service all things, you don’t have time for, we help manage lifestyles”. She founded this agency in 2017 after realizing how hard it was to get a job without the required experience in the field of her choice. The Pen2Pad assistant agency has developed a mentorship program that caters to high school juniors, high school seniors, and college students. This agency allows young adults a chance to be among rising entrepreneurs and business owners while gaining monetary incentives, scholarships, book vouchers, or even part-time employment as a Co-assistant.  As CEO, Genya act as the point of contact to new or existing clients, training young adults in customer service, research, event planning, preparation, formal/informal dialogue, interview skills, and service execution. On her journey, Genya had the opportunity to add quality experiences to her pallet of expertise with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a Masters in Public Administration. Her education allowed different opportunities in essential areas of my agency expansion by learning the day to day operations, preparation, and planning among various business types. Genya's agency specializes in the following areas but not limited too

· Administrative Assistance

· Marketing Assistance

· Personal Assistance

· Reoccurring Assistance/Quick task

This agency strives in providing quality assistance among all business entity with an easy (5) step process and a  FREE consultation.  This allows her clients to customize the areas in which they need assistance.


Instagram: thepen2padagency