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5 Boss Millennials That You Should Get To Know!

For the last six years, Leading with Lee Magazine had the pleasure of successfully creating a platform for emerging and seasoned Boss Millennials to connect, build, and grow through storytelling (interviews), resources, and tools. Today, we highlight some of our favorite influential boss millennials that you should get to know and do business with.

Ezinne Kalu is a Professional Basketball Player, Olympian, and CEO of Kalu Kosmetics established June 2018. Kalu Kosmetics is a brand that seeks to keep up with the latest cosmetic trends and create new ones, while at the same time show a strong representation of beauty, versatility, and style. They give people the tools they need to feel confident and look beautiful at any time of the day for any occasion. To accomplish this goal, they have made sure their lip products are ones that you can apply effortlessly, lasting all day without creasing or fading.

CEO Ezinne J. Kalu


Facebook: Kalu Kosmetics

Angel "Chyna" Willis - from Atlanta, Georgia; has made herself into a brand from an early age. She kicked off her stardom with her love for acting. Chyna has utilized social media to perform and publish monologues and skits, which aided in her platform's fast numerical growth. She has successfully developed opportunities for multiple streams of income to create generational wealth within her family. Chyna is a role model for many who aspire to live confidently, independently, and financially stable. Among all her star qualities, you can't fail to mention the love she has for others. Chyna consistently supports her peers and truly believes in collaboration over competition.

Instagram: @chythegreatest

TikTok: @chymoneydummy