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9 Publicists You Should Know and Follow

In honor of National Publicist Day on October 30th, we've decided to highlight the most influential publicists and media experts who are shaking things up in their industry. If you want to increase brand visibility and want to be considered an expert in the public eye, look no further. These ladies will get your brand seen and heard!

1. Pilar Scratch (IG: @pilarscratch)

Celebrity wardrobe stylist, Magazine Owner and Publicist Pilar Scratch, was bursting into the fashion industry as a rising star with a newborn baby in 2011. The budding star was building a soon to be a dynamic brand with an unmatched creative zeal. She went from living in a shelter with her son to being one of the most sought after public figures in New York City, and currently holds the title of a 7x award-winning celebrity wardrobe stylist, TV

personality, author, momager, and editor in chief. Diving into her creative passion for writing and fashion she commenced her own publication in 2015, Fashion Gxd Magazine. Pilar Scratch employs over ten people at her company - Fashion Gxd Magazine. The magazine is distributed in Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, and Indigo. Fashion Gxd Magazine is Amazon's best selling Magazine from 2017- 2019. As well, Fashion Gxd Magazine, is the Iheartradio / Power 105, 2019 recipient of the "Prosperity Award". Following in his mothers footsteps, her son River Mason Eromosele has been featured in New York Fashion Week, countless billboards, Nickelodeon (currently filming), "Evil Lives Here" Investigation Discovery, John Legend "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" which debuted on ABC, "Hustlers Movie" starring JLo & Cardi B, CBS "The Good Fight" countless commercials for PNC, 10 percent Happier, Laurie Berkner Band "This Mountain" which debuted on PBS Kids, Walmart, Moon Pod, among others.

Q. Name one marketing technique that entrepreneurs should include in their brand strategy.

One marketing technique that entrepreneurs should include in their brand strategy is networking socially outside of your original base. Always be multifaceted and cross promote your brand with others.

2. Shauna Lamore (IG: @lamorelifestylepr)