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Actors River Mason Eromosele and Rylee Gabrielle Escort EGOT Winner and Hollywood Legend Rita Moreno

Actor River Mason Eromosele , EGOT & Honoree Rita Moreno , Actress Rylee Gabrielle

Escorted by child actors River Mason Eromosele and Rylee Gabrielle, EGOT Winner and Hollywood Legend Rita Moreno arrived at The Bronx Children's Museum as a proud Bronx native. The Bronx Children’s Museum hosted its third annual benefit gala on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, in New York City at Manhattan’s Gotham Hall. Hosted by Sunny Hostin of "The View", the night was filled with moving speeches, dancing, and connections.

(Mom)TV Personality Pilar Scratch, (Actor) River Mason Eromosele, (Actress) Rylee Gabrielle, ( Mom) Tamica Arnold, RN

Other celebrities that attended were Kerry Washington, Victor Cruz, actress Sonia Manzano formerly Maria of Sesame Street, and Grammy-nominated drummer Bobby Sanabria. The benefit was a success as it raised close to $500,000 for the organizations outreach program. Rita gifted the room with her own personal Bronx tales as well as shared her love for the organizations vision, which is to help children and families with self-awareness and diversity.

"It is important for all children to have a museum available to them for every reason in the world that you can think of - for creative reasons or reasons of curiosity, " said Moreno.

Publicist: The Brand Phoenix &  Getty Images By Johnny Nunez

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